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  1. Damn man, I am not sure what the issue could be. Did your game run the recent patch? Maybe it didn't install it properly or something?
  2. That is weird. You sure it didn't patch it in the background? I know there is a place you can check which version you are on but I can't remember for the life of me where to find it on PS4... Or are you on Xbox?
  3. That is pretty cool. I'll let you know if I come across anything but I usually just freeball games until I get stuck for an extended period of time. Then I'll look for help lol
  4. Did you make sure your controller isn't having issues? I had a controller with a busted trigger once and didn't know it till I played a game that needed me to use it.
  5. I am guessing the horses respawn like cars did in GTA, if dogs were added, likely be the same deal. I also expect a charge of sorts to replace the horses but nothing to outrageous.
  6. Welcome to 2018! Everyone is self-pretentious and loves the smell of their own farts. I think the boom of the internet, social media, and general appeal of being "liked" or even hated online has gone to people's heads.
  7. I just want there to be an even balance. Like obviously we need to earn money (or steal money) to be able to buy things online. The amounts should be balanced and should remain balanced. If I am able to earn say $1000 doing something small that doesn't take up a lot of time and the price tag on better items in the game are not that high, it would be unbalanced.
  8. Any act done out of selfishness shouldn't be pitied but I do agree, I feel for the family and the friends who lost him. He was foolish. I will never understand why people take such a huge risk for drugs. You aren't just messing with your own life but the lives of everyone who cares about you.
  9. I can see them doing something like this just for another fun thing to do online. There aren't as many things you can realistically do in comparison to GTA V which was set in modern times. I would have fun with this myself.
  10. I watched this a few times already and I keep noticing more and more. They really upped their game for this one. I am not mad at all it was delayed seeing all the work that has gone into this game.
  11. That would likely be the route they go. I mean you can aim at a kid but it won't allow you to actually pull the trigger. It makes the most sense. I don't think we will see too many kids running around but the ones that are will need to be protected. Allowing us to still shoot them and not take damage still lets us shoot them regardless and that won't be viewed well. I would rather Arthur say something like "He's just a kid." or "Shooting a little girl, I can't do that."
  12. This is going to make use dead eye even more fun for me, especially with hunting. I mean if they do make it similar to that hunting game where they actually let us see the targeted organ on animals... That would be so slick!
  13. You got bored with GTA V after a few months? Like I can see how but even with all the new content they kept dumping out? I would play for a few months, take a break, then go back and play again. I didn't get overly bored with it but I have since stopped playing as the people I did play with moved on.
  14. I hope they do fix this. Like make it more of a challenge for us in the sense that animals are stronger, faster, or not as stupid. Heck, let us have the option to try to fist fight a bear! I would do that, even if the chance of winning was like 1.3% it would still be hilarious.
  15. Welcome to the cool kids club. I don't know why I said that. Enjoy the place. More importantly, when RDR2 comes out, we can all enjoy the experience together, hopefully not complaining about things wrong with the game... Nah, they won't mess this one up.
  16. Is this the game with the lesbians? I could not remember what the game was called when I was talking to someone about it. I didn't play the first one so I really don't know anything about the story. Was it any good?
  17. Same here man. I actually stopped using social media because of it. Facebook, Twitter, etc. no thanks. I would rather just use forums.
  18. Nah this won't be a thing. They seem to want to make the marketplace for the game open so you can get what you want. Some people may choose to get everything but I can't see them doing discounts for doing it. Maybe they will release a "pass" of sorts on the 1 year/GotY edition of the game.
  19. Most games have a chunk of kids on them by the third month of the game's release anyway. I have a harder time dealing with adults acting like kids than kids acting like kids. Seems to be more and more 20 somethings going on 10 than actual kids these days. I have been on some servers in various games where the 13 year old is acting more mature than the 21 year old.
  20. I know one of my buddies and a few of his friends I don't talk with much all thought this was the case. I think the lack of specifics made people "assume" what it was and how it will playout in the game.
  21. Exactly. You see some people get away with crap and then others get punished for weeks or months over simply wording something wrong or a small group of people taking something the wrong way. Everything is a joke. The serious issues get swept under the rug for less important "news". Social media alone has brought us amazing things but with it, a ton of headaches.
  22. Easier said than done if you are a vampire who prefers to be indoors when it is hot outside lol Summer usually goes fast for everyone though. Went a lot faster when I was still in school though.
  23. No one really knows we are just all assuming at this point. I don't think they will advertise special editions for a while yet. Maybe they will do their pre-order bundles and special editions closer to October.
  24. That line made me LOL But yeah it isn't like they had any way of knowing who's kid belonged to who. She was a prostitute and good boy John would have claimed her as his own even if she wasn't his.
  25. DaveSpeek


    I hope you are not advocating that either is a good idea. I do agree that it doesn't cause it directly, but why take the risk? They don't really serve any purpose. Like drinking gets you drunk, weed gets you high, what does smoking or vaping to for anyone really other than making their lungs turn to shite?
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