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  1. Gotta love that they used DBZ for the stills. Vegeta is such an awesome character.
  2. Anyone else kinda feeling like we are in a black hole right now? Like we have not heard anything since the delay. Seems kind of strange.
  3. As mentioned, the mechanics of these things would make them a pain in the arse. Hardly worth it if you ask me. Stick them being used for traveling via fast travel, not driving.
  4. ^ Same. It seems like there was a decent amount of people following it and made it sounds a lot better than it actually is. I am sure it will be a great game... In time. As of now, I have no interest.
  5. It isn't just spoiled kids. I have a few friends who do not budget their money for crap. They will spend money on stuff like this, not needing two copies of a game but getting them anyways for one reason or another.
  6. Does this game have an official release date yet? I completely missed that this was even coming out!
  7. Looking forward to Origins myself. I feel like they may have run the story into the dirt but those games are still hella fun to play. Plus the graphics look amazing in this one.
  8. I am not sure how long it takes to actually get the game burned onto the discs but the amount of sales they will likely see, I can be it will take some time.
  9. You have yo take into the account that they still would likely have special content per gaming system. This is what a lot of games that allow CP do to ensure they not only continue to make money but give people a reason to buy more than one copy. For anyone who is logical about their money, this wouldn't work but for people who have money to spare or are just bad with managing money, it will work just fine. lol
  10. Someone mentioned it here already: Though no rumors on it. I see you commented in it as well. How do you feel now that there are rumors for the topic? Is it any more possible?
  11. I am sure they have plans to keep people talking though. Like since the delay did push things back. We will get tid bits now and then just to remind us the game is still coming out.
  12. I think this works for Youtube as well. Number 4 is the key to success as well. You have to make sure you do this if you want to become popular.
  13. I am not sure where the location will be set. If it is more up north and the online allows the map to extend to mountain areas, I am sure we will see snowfall. Don't forgot they had snow in the single player of the first one even though it was not a feature online.
  14. Anyone who played GTA V knows they had the option to play in first person mode which was a nice little feature. Not many people actually played like this the whole game but to be able ti switch back and forth was nice. Do you think that we will see this in RDR2 at all?
  15. The ending in GTA V was fine for what it was. It was its own story. RDR2 is more than likely going to be a prequel so this is something that I really can't see happening. It has to blend into the story of the first one and the facts need to add up to make the story legit in the game.
  16. Same. I can't read about food and not have my stomach growling at me. I am one of those horrible people who will drool over the sound of food or just pictures of really good looking food. lol Anyways, Twix for me brother. I prefer the left side over the right one. Those guys at the right factory don't know what they are doing.
  17. DaveSpeek

    Co op

    That is what I was thinking. Like I have a buddy who never plays games like this because he gets too bored playing by himself. He only plays co-op games.
  18. I will have to make sure I get my butt on here once a week then LOL I didn't read that until I seen Redscrew's question. I am the type of person who see's a contest and doesn't read all the rules, I just want free stuff haha
  19. I will have to find it. I read it in an article that someone with Rockstar promised some more news after they announce the delay.
  20. Rumor has it that there will be some news at E3. Not sure if this will be through Playstation or not but I will be watching just in case! It starts June 13th. Not too far our now boys...
  21. Ehhh Still not a whole lot of anything other than screens I see. I did a bit of digging and found nothing either
  22. That is my only gripe with the whole situation. Like if you KNEW it was going to be delayed, why give people this false sense that it will be out in the fall?
  23. With the delay it makes me want something even more. I heard some rumors we will be seeing something in the next few weeks. Maybe this means we will see something at E3 after all.
  24. I don't mind paying for DLC but if we are talking like a monthly plan, no thanks. As much as I would love to play it, if it costed me anything outside of buying the game to play online I would be pretty upset.
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