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  1. I just want another bloody trailer already. Like for real. We have been waiting toooo loooooooooong!!
  2. Is this the voice actor? I am back with names. He was confirmed. Who ever did his voice was signed to the game. I am not sure if he did any other names or not though. I will have to find where I read that.
  3. Heyyooo. I'm doing good, hby? I haven't been on the forum in a bit here. Was hoping I would come back to some good news
  4. I run/speed walk on my treadmill at full incline once or twice a day. Okay I liked, once or twice a week... No. Month. I am lazy. I start and stop more times than a rabbit on a spring morning.
  5. I let him live. I mean either way it was a bad thing. I just thought if I let him live I would be able to run into him now and then. Wouldn't it be sad if this really happened? We humans can be so cruel!
  6. DaveSpeek

    Funny Videos

    I am not sure what I just watched but wow... I can actually see people wanting to buy that if it were a real thing. LOL What have we become? hahaha
  7. I saw your avatar and laughed and then I was reminded of another game that I am waiting on... Uggg Welcome bud! I'm kind of new here as well.
  8. Since you asked on a RDR forum just name him Marston. If that is a little too obvious, how about Felix Milner? She'll never know!!
  9. I doubt they will care. They love us talking about a game where they said very little about. Essentially this is what is marketing the game for them. They don't have to feed us anything and our sheet imagination and not knowing anything is driving the game for them.
  10. Google is one hell of a tool my friends... https://www.artstation.com/artist/llamas Also : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/r0xKe doesn't say anything about being related to RDR2.
  11. This is supposedly someone who works with Rockstar. I kind of thought John would be in the story but not as a playable one. My guess is you see him turn away from the gang. I read somewhere else that the voice actor signed with them who did his voice so he will be in the game in some shape or form. Anyone else see this? You think it is legit and we will see 3 playable characters again like GTA V did?
  12. Sports games wont pull away focus from a game like this, come on now! LOL I am glad some people are still hopeful but I highly doubt it will be out this year.
  13. Yeah I mean it isn't much different. I still have to work and what not but the nicer weather will be good. Give me an excuse to be outside more.
  14. If they do end up doing an online mode like GTA V, would you like to see the options to owning a hose, ranch, ect? Like I think it would be cool to start off with a camp site and then as you earn more you can buy things like motel/hotel rooms, small homes, and even large ranches. Obviously owning a ranch would be the best since you have plenty of space to store your cars... err, horses. lol
  15. I was going to mention this. The quick travel thing is not something I care for. I mean like in GTA, it was cool to just drive around and take everything in. So long as the story is done right, then a fast travel isn't needed and shouldn't be used online at all.
  16. Yup. Nothing that really screams something worth knowing. Like I am sure stuff will eventually get leaked but they are doing a solid job at keeping it under the rug.
  17. As par the wild-west feel.. I would like to see robberies, maybe some turf/gang territory wars, and hunting games. Like say you have a group of people hunting the same animal, who ever takes it down and skins it wins. Things like that.
  18. If we have a large enough map, I can see them being able to pull this off but at the same time, it will come with challenges. It is something that they can even wait to release as well. Just have focus be on the main story and mini-online games like before and then really invest in an open world online option.
  19. Exactly. I mean I am all for customization options like they have for GTA V online but realistically, you can't do much. People back then wore the same things for the most part. I guess maybe have the options for lower, middle, and upper-class.
  20. I liked it but I don't need it. I would rather see something added to deepen the story. Maybe touching more on the individuals within the story that you don't play as in the main campaign.
  21. I didn't even think of the rewards they may do for content creators assuming they have the open editor for PC... Also assuming there is a PC version.
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