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  1. I also had ONE 1* Bison in the Heartlands and they are nearly always in a herd usually. I hope R* fixes all these bugs soon because right now, the game is almost unplayable.
  2. Yes, there'll be thunderstorms and snow and likely rain.
  3. I am not one to replay a game, especially big ones. I have no desire to even replay Detroit: Become Human! I don't know why I can't bring myself to replay a game. I want to play as a good guy in my play through, so I'm tempted to replay as a bad guy but possibly not go through the campaign again and just see how that affects gameplay. I will probably spend time in RDR2's universe like I used to in GTA games, where you just mess around or enjoy the universe, relax and do what you like. I tend to take my time in campaign games. I don't rush through them so I can enjoy everything, just in case I don't go through the campaign again.
  4. Yes, I'm happy about it. I enjoy and prefer single player campaigns. I was apprehensive about the three protagonists in GTAV but they totally pulled it off. That design wouldn't fit in this one though and RDR1 had one protagonist so there's no harm in doing it again and focusing on and getting to know the one character. It seems they've more than made up for it by having such a large gang full of unique characters we can get to know.
  5. You will no doubt be able to purchase or create outfits. His hair and beard grows so you could leave him an unshaven, dirty mess or clean him up (literally) and have his beard and hair cut in a style you prefer. If Arthur drops/loses his hat, he can go back to retrieve it but it's unlikely that you would be able to find it if you're going fast on your horse during a shootout and it comes off then.
  6. How exactly are you meant to prepare? October happens to be a busy month for me; I'm going to the other side of the planet for my brother's wedding and a once in a life time holiday and second year of uni starts just before that holiday. Most of September is going to be spent preparing for uni and for our holiday. After the holiday, I'll literally be studying all the time and before I know it, RDR2 will be at my door! ❤️ I still can't help thinking about it and for a long time, I've been more excited about RDR2 than my holiday, but now my holiday is approaching, my mind has shifted and I am focused on the events coming first; I'll enjoy RDR2 afterwards.
  7. The introduction of cents is still new though. If I remember correctly, RDR1 would involve betting a minimum of a dollar which is $30 today - you don't bet $30 a time. I think this will be seen in shops and other places, considering guns are advertised for just $2.
  8. Damn right! It's what R* does best and what their fans appreciate.
  9. They called it the "walking simulator" because the guy playing the demo only walked around for a while and didn't do anything else. The guy doing the demo was boring, but I'm sure he was under strict instructions not to show too much or any real gameplay. Plus, most have said it's still going to be a fantastic and beautiful game, just the demo was boring. Another has said that those who enjoyed the first will enjoy this one and is still a GOTY contender and they won't judge on one mission. Someone who claimed to have dozed off and hadn't played the first RDR1, still said the demo made them excited to play it, so I would totally ignore all the negativity that came out of the Gamestop employees. I always feel GS employees are the type to love games like WoW and Minecraft and probably boycott games like GTAV and don't fully understand these types of games.
  10. Their loss! I've tried to inform my parents of the game but no-one is interested.
  11. I'd be surprised if they let us do bounties seeing as Arthur and the gang would be on the run from the authorities most of the game; Arthur bringing them a criminal would result in him being locked up too!
  12. In the scene where the gang are playing a card game and betting, they're betting with cents. RDR1 only used dollars, whereas RDR2 will contain cents and use them more realistically. 15 cents in 1899 = $4.55. On RDR2 merch, there is a gun being advertised for $2 shown in the video which equals to $60. Guns in this game will likely cost $2-40 which is equivalent to $60-1200, whereas in RDR, they were being sold for around $125. There is a chance that stealing from someone, betting or completing small missions, we will be rewarded with $1 ($30) or less. Dutch stealing $150,000 in bank notes = $4.5 million today. The gang will no doubt get pretty rich after their bank robberies, but even having $100 in your pocket is equivalent to $3k! Bounties in RDR1 would give $240 for a live bounty which is worth about $6K. I am glad that we may be using money more realistically in the game, not getting hundreds of dollars for a mission or from stealing from people. How do you feel about it? Do you hope that this is a definite feature in RDR2? Or do you wish it would be like RDR1?
  13. I'm not sure how to feel about them copying a movie scene, unless the actual mission is a lot different to the plot of that scene/movie. I like to think R* use their own ideas whilst being inspired by Western movies, but not copying them. Great video though!
  14. R* haven't been sitting around since we saw the first trailers! The graphics seem to have been improved and refined since the first trailers we saw. I am surprised at how much the general store has been altered since the first trailers we saw.
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