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I'm looking for a posse to join


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After attempting to join a few posses, with no response, I am hoping that someone will read this and invite me to join their posse.  I am looking for an honorable posse that does not grief.  A posse that likes to be a team and level up together, ride together and have fun.  However, I would like a posse that I can count on for backup when needed, as I would be wiling to come to the aid and back up any posse member when they need me to. As far as experience, I was legendary 5 times over in the first RDR, and was very highly skilled.  I like to think I hold my own in the new one too, finishing the story line twice and starting to level up online as well.  I am not looking for a hardcore posse where you have to fill out an application, attend meetings, offer a DNA sample and blah blah blah.  Just an invite to a descent posse so I have someone to ride with.  I am on the PS4, and my gamertag is Drummerman74.  Feel free to send me an invite on the PSN, or message me on here.  I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like new members. Cheers! 

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