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are their boats on the xbox version?

Steven Kreg

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yes there are boats on the xbox to, look at Saint Denise ore Black water. You have canos and rowingboats. Also you can swim to the steamboats and take the driver of it out and just hold Y so you can drive it for yourself. Mayby when your in a bad server you see nothing just jump server then.


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22 minutes ago, Steven Kreg said:

i've watched many youtube videos on how to get a boat.

i've been at the water many times and not only dont i see a boat to grab... i dont see ANY boats AT ALL... none... zip.. just empty water.

are their no boats in the xbox version??

Other wise look for the      RDR2 Online Posse Club          its my club you can see that we are 1 to.  

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18 minutes ago, Steven Kreg said:

dude. i've been to aaaaalll these spots. 

i've looked every damn place that they say they are and ever anything... no boats at all!

i just tried lobby jumping. nothing. still just empty waters.

I go see that tomorow, maybe they fix it. But about 2 hours  ago I was online and there were boats in it. Lol 

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19 minutes ago, Steven Kreg said:

damn, thats messed up

i was even with some guys and was like... hey, do you see any boats at all and they were like no. lol

Dude go to the West along the shore from Saint Denise . Bin online for you to check. There are boats as you see 



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