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Need help, where are all the travelers, boats, and train ?

Johnny Law

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I’ve searched and asked and can’t find the answers. Please help. 

When online there are never any boats, npc travelers on trials or the train. Been 2 weeks and none. Even stranger missions don’t work. 

It’s not just me , I’ve had reports of at least a dozen others with this problem  

Does anyone know why ?

do I have the restart my online ? 

Am I missing an update ? 

My honor is too low? 

I didn’t play story mode ? 

Or the game is just glitched out right now? But then everyone would have this prob and seems not everyone does. 

Please help with some insight please. It’s killing the game for me. 

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From what I am understanding, this is only affecting some players, not all of them. I have had periods where I too couldn't find any boats or trains and then they were just there one day. Might be an issue with certain servers. Have you contacted Rockstar about the issue?

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