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Official Van der Linde Gang


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I realize there is a posse recruitment section but this is sorta different than your standard posse recruitment post.


I'm interested in finding out if any DAILY hardcore players of RDRO out there are interested in forming an official Van der Lind Gang? 


This will require each member to create an entirely new PSN account using a name of one of the members of the gang from the story. I'm currently level 100 and I'd be willing to restart from the ground up just to have this happen.

We would need you to message 1st to reserve a character prior to making your account.

Once your character has been chosen...you'll need to make a new PSN account and attempt to make you PSNID name as close to your character name as possible.


Arthur Morgan

Arthur M0rgan





You will also need to make a strong effort at character creation to get the likeness as close to your character as possible. 

I'm sure SOMEONE may have tried this but hopefully not. This is my 1st attempt to form this posse so all characters are currently available.


Anyone interested can message me here. I dont necessarily need to be Dutch just because I started this either but I'm willing to be if other spots are gone. (Arthur/Jon)  lol


I do a lot of hunting and I never fire the 1st shot but im good enough to defend myself against multiple players...in case your wondering.

You DO NOT have to be a pro at the game to be a part of this, just a genuine love of the game enough to play daily(or damn close to it). It would be great if you were skilled at pvp so we can defend each other.  

I'm on Eastern time also. 

Thanks and again I apologize about posting here but I feel this would interest some players that may not even be looking for a posse so I felt it applied.

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2 hours ago, RED_DEADMAN said:


Hi Red,

Sorry, I moved your post to the recruitment forum. Management likes to keep things tidy and it wouldn't be fair to others members whose threads we're also moved if I left yours there.

I hope you understand.

Thanks, Kean

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