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Social Club Issue


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I saw, that my social club profile is messed up. Chapter 1-5 are missing from my stats (see "Story"). All other stats are fine. Progression and so on.

I already tried disconnecting and connecting my PSN account. Also tried different browsers and devices. and cleated cookies. Rockstar support can't help me. See screenshot.

Any help is appreciated.






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Not sure what help we can provide here for you if it's an issue with their website or your R* SC account.  RDR2.org is not affiliated with R*.

Unless a member here has some inside knowledge into a solution, then I think your best bet is to continue to pursue solutions through R* Support until you get an answer or someone willing to try to find one for you. 

I wish I had an answer for you.



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2 hours ago, Truth said:

@WRESTLiNGHDD hate to give the stupid response, but is your system connected to the internet? That's the only thing I can think of to help...

It's actually a valid point.  

There is obviously some disconnect with the information being fed to his Social Club account.  Not knowing how or when that data transfer is occuring, etc., who's to say.

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