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Clarification on the Secret Hats guide


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Just found this guide on the site. I've only skimmed it but I've noticed some inaccuracies. It states that "Stolen Hats" cannot be added to your inventory. That is wrong, once you pick up a stolen secret hat and it lists the name on the right side, you can find it in your wardrobe by going to Hats, pressing L1/R1 on PS4, LB/RB on Xbox One to navigate between Found, Stolen, Owned and Crafted tabs.

Also, the Conductor hat, which still is quite rare can be found on NPCs driving stagecoach type wagons throughout the world - not solely on postal/train clerks as the guide states.

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Good eye. I have seen some mistakes on other sites. I am sure the writers appreciate when you let them know they made a mistake. I once did this on a site I was writing on. It was for a different game but I often had the community help correct small errors like this which helped out a lot.

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