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WEEKLY FORUM EVENT (Race to Fort Wallace)


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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN....Boys and Girls...Lend me your rears!.


In these times when new content is scare...and when violence against others is at an all time high. Your buddy RED and partner in crime Mr. DaDa Shift have got you covered. Let us put those idle hands to work again. We offer you....for your own enjoyment. WEEKLY SPONSORED EVENTS!


These events will occur a few weekends each month and will increase in frequency depending upon turnout and overall success. THATS WHY WE NEED YOU! 



  • Participants will race via Horse drawn Carriage from San Denis to the Safety of Fort Wallace.
  • Point will accumulate for each participant over multiple events within the same season. Events include various types including Fist Fight Tournaments, Cliffside Races, Shootouts, King Of the Bridge (lasso and toss), and much more....
  • Top 3 participants over the course over the season will be invited to an in-game award ceremony and will be rewarded in the form of PSN $$$ (amounts yet to be determined and will be based upon participation numbers).
  • Some rules and conditions may change depending on participant feedback.

See video for details





                                       (Sponsored by Dr. Crockett's Miracle Tonic) 

                     Miracle Tonic

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Cool idea.  Sounds interesting.  As I am on xbox, I can't participate.  Yet I have a question,  how do you keep players from cheating?  The honor system doesn't work.  Getting that many players on 1 server could be tough, but tough.  

Joined some randoms that raced from Tumbleweed to St. Denis, which was fun.  Especially when you still had a large part of the server not participating.  Their involvement became a game changer.  Yet we had 1 player that fast traveled  several times to keep gaining the lead and it became obvious what he was doing.  Now the carriage thing was obvious smart choice, but is there a specific route you want them to take and how will you monitor it?

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Its pretty much a straight shot and you cant just instantly grab another carriage. Horse races make cheating easy but carriage races are another matter. Not to mention start and end points aren't near those spawn points as far as I know.

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Also...as carriages are vulnerable to rough terrain and can but wheels off easily it will force players to stick to the path for the most part. That's what will make our Cliffside race so much more tense also when we host that. The roads for the cliff race barely allow room for 1 carriage at certain points so players will be literally racing on the edge of a cliff at times. One poor move and your out of the race for good. That carriage wont make the drop...lol

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