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Fan Creates Replica Of Arthur's Journal


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Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 is something of a casual artist, filling his personal journal with drawings related to the events of the game. These drawings have been the subject of praise from fans ever since the game was released, and recently one particular fan took it upon themselves to recreate the entire thing in real life.

If you take the time to read Arthur's journal - which you really should - you'll see portraits of characters encountered during the story, landscapes and cityscapes showing off areas and sketches of animals and plants found throughout the frontier.

The creator of this replica, who goes by JamesyMonkey online, has recreated these drawings with loving detail.


Arthur also writes summaries of his days, mainly of story missions or side quests that have some narrative significance, or of his interactions with characters. It's all written in old-timey cursive, which JamesyMonkey has managed to copy as well. It must take no small amount of patience and skill to pull something like this off.

The replica has been making the rounds on Red Dead related community sites with many fans expressing a desire to buy copies of the replica should it be made in larger quantities. Since this replica isn't even entirely finished - the creator has been posting work-in-progress images - and it's all handcrafted, mass production is unlikely unless Rockstar decides to produce a series of replicas as merchandise.


However, seeing as the content of the journal changes based on your actions in the story, if Rockstar would release any one version, it would only be authentic for a small slice of the player base. Creating several version in mass production is unfeasible, and while should he be inclined, JamesyMonkey could potentially launch an Etsy store or something and take up orders, but that might bring with it some legal trouble.

So for now, if you also want a custom replica of Arthur Morgan's journal from Red Dead Redemption 2, you'll have to make it yourself. You can check out a larger gallery of the replica here.

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