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YoungGuns Regulators posse PS4


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Hi all, I play most afternoons and weekends (UK - GMT) on PS4. My aim is to level up gaining XP doing the missions & gang hideout clearing, I will always loot corpses where possible & don’t say no to free items in building searches either. The aim is having fun on the journey. I also hunt, gather & fish. I’m not a griefer but happy to hunt them in a posse if they become persistent & annoying, messing up my day but would prefer to leave them alone. I’m level 38 hopefully 39 by tomorrow (19/02/2019). I have created a posse YoungGuns Regulators but my nephew doesn’t play much (he is a fortnite fan). I would enjoy making new regular online friends to get the most out of RDR2 online either riding out in your posse or in mine. I have a headset & am polite & respectful English speaking during conversations. Contact me (PSN evilcd) if interested. Cheers

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