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  1. Hi all, thank you to all for the replies to my lack of friends to ride with during GMT daylight hours. Friday evening is always promised to family time. This Saturday 6th April I’m busy so next time I will be online will be around 11am GMT on Sunday 7th April. I hope I will catch up with some of you then. Please feel free to add me on PSN in the meantime.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. If my UK - GMT hours fit in with your online time I’d be happy for a trial ride in your posse. My current dilemma is that my majority of friends are based in the USA and our online times differ dramatically.
  3. Hi, I play mostly day time and weekends (UK - GMT) on PS4. I’m level 65 (04/04/2019). My aim is to level up gaining XP doing the missions, daily challenges (as little griefing as possible, rather just do the kills one on one between ourselves) & gang hideout clearing. I will always loot corpses where possible & don’t say no to free items in building searches either. The aim is having fun on the journey. I also hunt, gather & fish. I’m not a griefer but happy to hunt them in a posse if they become persistent & annoying, messing up our day but would prefer to leave them alone. I would enjoy making new regular online friends to get the most out of RDR2 online either riding out in your posse or in mine. I have a headset & am polite & respectful and English speaking during conversations. Contact me (PSN evilcd) if interested. Thanks
  4. Or even a butcher in every town. Surely towns without a butcher must fancy meat purchasing locally rather than a long journey to another town. In those days frozen food was a like witchcraft, rotten food was the norm.
  5. Many of the above posts I agree totally with. Dot colour seems meaningless nowadays as the daily challenges make you grief and become a red dot on the map just to achieve a challenge then you may be passive from then onwards. On the other hand you see a passive blue dot, continue to hunt, gather around that person and BANG, a bullet in the head because they are completing a daily challenge. This system created by R* seems a farce. I’m happy to work with others to gain the challenges taking turns to drop each other but for some reason mic communication seems to be lacking so this doesn’t seem to be an option. What is the answer? A hunter, fisherman, gatherer room only? Or Change the daily challenges to prevent griefing which R* colour dot system was supposed to do? Onto daily challenges and missions. Like was said in previous posts, they’re repetitive, boring, old and dull. I have always asked why do you get rewarded for taking forever to complete a mission when surely the quicker it is completed the better skilled the player. Please correct me if I am wrong and have missed the point there with missions. Challenges are repeated regularly and that rooster challenge is a bore, how many times do you find a chicken coup and no chickens / roosters???!!! Things need...no must be shaken up and soon. I use to play daily with a large group of friends. Many have grown bored and are playing other titles, some months, even years old. I play only occasionally now until I find others to join up with or the game livens up again as it is soooooo repetitive. Finally on my rant, the XP system. I had goals personally set that kept me grinding out the hours in game. I’m at level 63 now (not very high I know) but until I get to the 80s and 90s the rewards to unlock are in my eyes rubbish. A shirt, a holster, a hat, etc. I understand there can’t be fabulous rewards on each level but come on, you grind out over 5000 XP to unlock a hat?! Even some levels there is only one reward to unlock. Is it worth the hours? I’m not sure. Hence my boredom with the game. I really want this game to succeed and be great, but there is so much wrong in every department. I would be very interested to hear others opinions. R* how about Double XP days to help get through these boring levels or think up some new, exciting, useful rewards to unlock so we have new goals to aim for? Or better new challenges and missions...please R* pleeeeaaaase!
  6. Hi, sounds like a fun time is had by all. I’m after new buddies in a posse as my old buddies have grown bored with RDR2 and moved to pastures new. I’m in the uk, online day time and weekends. Does this fit in with your online schedule?
  7. I’m in the uk, online day times, does this match up to your likely online times? Most of my buddies have grown bored with RDR2 and moved to other titles. I still want to gain XP from missions and challenges.
  8. I am in the uk and usually play day time and weekends, if this fits around your online time please add me, evilcd
  9. Hi my username is evilcd similar position to you with buddies off elsewhere playing other titles. Im no griefer as I find it very annoying. I’m in the uk usually online during the day and weekends.
  10. I will send friend request. The few I use to ride with don’t seem to play so often anymore.
  11. Finally bought my Foxtrotter who is now called Centaur
  12. Totally agree, so many people interfering with stranger missions. Ok I know it’s part of the game but never had this amount of explosive ammo and dynamite throwing griefing
  13. I was disappointed with the update, player icons on the map are now confusing, all different shades of blue including posse members, I saw some purple and anyone who griefed me were red. Also I was shot at by another player, I defended myself and killed the said shootee, I received a bounty for self defence?! How is that fair???!!! Lastly, trying to do the stranger missions I found near in impossible. Constantly being targeted by posse after posse using explosive ammo and dynamite. Ok I get it is always been in the game, but unless players are deliberately trying for bounty on their head or are bored and need things to do, it just seemed non stop which I have not encountered in my gaming time.
  14. I don’t see the promised Evans Repeater! Anyone found it?
  15. Quite a few say Coming Soon, lots are old items with new colours or materials, I found a lot of items now have the choice of animal skin versions
  16. Click left on your D-Pad
  17. That’s the one, thanks
  18. I read that along with two new firearms there will be a new melee weapon? Anyone have details on what it will be? Apologies if I have missed the answer already.
  19. If I used one sawed off and one semi automatic pistol, once the two rounds of the sawed off are used does the semi auto keep firing or does the reload animation for the sawed off start and firing stop?
  20. Do I buy two the same or mix up the handgun combo?
  21. I’m finding the pump action fun & a good weapon to have so will have to look into the new shotgun.
  22. Sounds a good setup. I’m level 44, aiming for winning streak ability card.
  23. Thank you to everyone for the advice. I too rarely use handguns but just thought I should upgrade so I am covered for any situation. I have watched on YouTube people get knocked of their horse to get back up & destroy the player as they rush in in a hail of bullets or the power of the sawed off. I use the Lancaster (fully upgraded) with special ammo, Pump Action (fully upgraded) regular ammo. I also have Bolt Action (fully upgraded) special ammo. I am currently level 43 & manage to rise one or two levels per day. Any more advice regards long arm weapons / ammo / handguns / ability cards is greatly appreciated as I’m not the best shot. Damage & destruction asap is best play style for me.
  24. How about a bar brawl, but first team to hog tie the other team? Would that work?
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