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Ghosts of Manzanita


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38 minutes ago, Parzival said:

Not bad, but since you can't do dialogue in these things, a short description of what the story being told here is might help put it in context for us.

Also, where is the corpse at 2:26 located in the game?

Thanks for watching. I thought about that putting a cut with a description  in to help viewers with progression like a silent film and I am doing this for my next one “The Battle of Rhodes” 

the story goes somewhat like this...

After collecting two bounties in Rhodes Bishop drops in for a visit with his old pal Joe. Joe tells him a gruesome story...

Bandits raided a house kill a whole family. Including two teenage girls. Their bodies were dropped down a well on the property. When they were found they were buried under a tree on the property. 

Joe gives Bishop the bounty on the Bandits and their leader. Tells him to meet a Marshall in Tall trees.

Bishop enlists his best friend Monk and they head out teaming up with the Marshal And they eliminate the Bandits and capture the leader and get paid. Bishop feels a connection to the two dead girls which is why he returns to the house at the end

I was going with a trailer style format which is why I didn’t but thank you for the input.

As for the corpse I believe he is in tall trees at the dilapidated cabins where a bandit camp often spawns. I think it’s NW of Manzanita Post

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