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Just here to warn ya...


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Ran into a little crew of griefing ***** calling themselves the ******** the are racist little ****** with nothing better to do then make your game experience hell, "FREE SMOKE" is recruiting for the sole purpose of giving them 'all the smoke', if you have been bullied by these little *****, hit me up, posse leader 'Iceman84Maverick'  Let's get 'em smoked out.

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  • FREE SMOKE changed the title to Just here to warn ya...

Welcome to the forums @FREE SMOKE.

Be advised that we don't allow naming and shaming on this site.  You can read the forum rules here:

If you are looking to form a group, our Posse Recruitment sub forum would be a better place to do that  .....but again, please don't call others or thier groups by name and please be respectful in your posts to others.

If you find others using racial slurs, etc., please use the report feature in-game or other appropriate channels.

Thank You. 


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I understand wanting to get the word out about them. I can understand that but on a place like this, it can backfire and become a mess for the owner. 

I suggest maybe doing this on reddit (if they allow it) or even on 4chan which likely will. Just be careful because there are a lot of people out there that will do some nasty sh*t to other players, worse than what this group was likely doing to you and your friends. 

Welcome to the forum!

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