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How to train a child (dragon)


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So something else just made me think about child-raising LOL and I would like to hear any of those out of the ordinary techniques you have used to reinforce a rule ... please do not post any child abuse, however any effective application of pain is acceptable I. E. When a kid is looking at you daring them not to touch a fire ... and your response "go ahead". 

The condition is you could have only have done it once if it required repeat action it wasn't as effective as you think, that's not teaching that's conditioning...

If you are willing to share something your parents did that worked on you don't worry I won't tell them ( that way they never win!) 

My first example: if you do not respect the electricity bill and leave the light on in your bedroom you lose your light bulb for a week, the light in the hall should be fine for you to do anything and I do not care about your privacy anymore. Also adults get to decide when the light in Hall goes off...

Never left that light on again.

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I work on a two strike system.

Strike one: grounded

Strike two: I ship you off to Africa where you become a child soldier.

Only one kid so far has struck out twice and I'm fairly certain he's the guy leading Boko Harem now.

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