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Bountiful Trophy Walkthrough


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This trophy is worth 20G and is currently listed on XBox Live  as "Rare" (0.36% of players have earned it so far).

However, earning this trophy is easy, so don't let the rarity put you off going for it.


  • Make a manual save if you want to preserve your honor (it'll take a big hit) and money (at least $1,000 in bounty will be earned)
  • If you care about your horse, get another one (ideally, stealing one)

Time required : About 30-40 minutes

Doing the deed:

You only need four states to get the trophy:

  • Ambarino
  • New Hanover
  • Lemoyne
  • West Elizabeth

New Austin isn't needed.  It doesn't matter if you die during raising these bounties - in fact it's easier to let yourself get killed as you won't have to waste time trying to escape.

Start in Amberino.  Since there's no major towns, the easiest way to raise a bounty is to kill someone and tie the corpse onto the back of your horse and let another rider see it.  Let them ride off to report you.  Wait around in the red part of the map until the white hats arrive and shoot them (and their horses if you like).  Then wait for more to show up and kill them.  After the third group of cops, you should have your $250 or more. 

Ride to St Annesburg and shoot up the town there. $250 bounty should come fairly quickly.

Ride to St Denis and do the same there - near Algernon's place is good as cops don't like rich folk getting shot.

Ride to Strawberry and do the same there.

This will get you the $250 each for all four states.

You can now either get to the wilderness and hope you don't get caught by bounty hunters, or you can do it the easier way.

If you're in the Epilogue, just ride to John's home and fast-travel to Rhodes

If you're Arthur, just ride to Rhodes.  Or take the stagecoach, if that's available.

Check into the saloon and rent a room.  Sleep until you can't sleep any more, and then play blackjack for a few hands.  Then go back to your room and sleep some more.  Bounty hunters won't track you down if you're in a place of residence.

With enough sleeping, the trophy should pop.

You can then either reload your previous save, or just pay off the bounty and work on doing good deeds to get your honor back up (if you want to).

It's that easy - it's just ride, shoot, ride, shoot, ride, shoot, ride, shoot, ride, sleep, sleep, sleep, kaching!

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I stole a train, rode it through towns killing lawman ...wilderness took the longest as it was rare to find people, then waited in wilderness for trophy, took two tried because I was tracking a legendary and bounty hunter s spawned immediately, on the third day of course! That was a screaming session! But just had to wait another 72 minutes.

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