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graphics glitch on heavy/pair shaped avatar's


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So, I made a guy to look a little older and a little heavy, I was thinking of old Bob Dawson from Tales of Wells Fargo or The Old minor from The Big Thunder Mt Railroad, etc..

I was thinking it would be funny to make a guy that reminded me of Walter Brennan in an old Western, so I made my guy with long whiskers and hair all white, and a little pair shaped.

Now had I known the graphics would do this I would never had bothered but, the coats or vests and often even shirts show through the lower sections of coats and vests and it is a graphical error.

It is super annoying.

I cant do anything about it though, I dont want to start over, and there is no way to edit the character I would keep it as is, just change the weight thing.

Attached is a pic of how it sometimes looks if I wear a coat.

It shows better in other pics, but I only uploaded these two for now.

Does anyone else have this problem?





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If the shirts are longer and not tucked in, that would make sense. 

Maybe it is because you made him too pear-shaped? I know when I have played other games that let you customize your character, if you make them too heavy or too thin, certain items don't fit them right anymore. 

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Well, R* said to dump the cache with a hard off/on, so I did that but it remains, then I went through all the clothes and listed the 4 or 5 items affected.

It is mostly a few coats that do it, others are fine.

There is a vest that does it too, if I wear it if glitches through the coat.

they said to let them know if it worked and we would go from there, Im probably just stuck, the only thing I can see to do is edit the character and make him average weight to avoid any glitches, but you cant do that without starting over and no way am I starting over now.

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On 4/7/2019 at 6:14 AM, CosmoKramer said:

Clearing the cache lol - R* answer to every problem, solution to none!

Yep, its the first like on their script of what to say to customers.

So, worse than the glitch is there is a built in - 125% core drain rate as a result of making a character look heavy.

Had I known that I would not have messed around with it I feel like that is a little much for a penalty, and ok, if that is the case, there needs to be a red pop up screen when building your character that pops up and says, 

"WARNING!! by adding physical attributes such as body weight you will incur a core drain rate penalty that will be built in and forever!!"

So others can avoid being accidentally burdened by this.

I am going to start a new thread about diet and exercise and do this as an experiment.





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