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Help, cant load or save game


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i had made it to about 87% through the game and i decided to restart when there were no more missions. Only problem now is that i have no way to save the game. I had made it to chapter 2, wasn't in the middle of a mission so i had the option to save. But when i clicked save the screen flashed and took me to the alert page with no message under it. i clicked "x" to accept whatever it was trying to tell me. Next i tried to load a saved game and it did the same thing. What do i do, i have already tried restarting my ps4 and reinstalling rdr2. At this point i dont know what to do, please help.


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19 hours ago, Toast_Ghost said:

i haven't used any cheats. I can still technically access save, it just doesnt let me chose a file or anything, it just flashes and takes me to whats shown in the image, its like it just skips over the option.

restart the console, clear the cache.


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