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showdown series forming teams



So, I get in, I select "(ready up)" and then I scan the teams to see who I am playing with/against.

As the clock counts down, all of a sudden everyone seems to get scrambled and I am put on another team, I didnt select.

Is this the game balancing the teams or is this players trying to manipulate the game to get on the teams they want together?

I was in a few games the other day and using my mic with two other players, we had a good thing going, because we communicated, so next waiting room I heard them say, "Lump, join the dandies" or whatever team it was, but it was too late and I wasnt able too, so it made me think, is that what is going on almost every single time this happens, and it is super annoying.

What is annoying is you get stacked teams, you see a team with 8 players while 3 other teams have 2 to 4 players, and the stacked team has all players at very high levels, like 4 or 6 at over 125, while the other teams have 2 to 4 players under level 80, so I wanted to find out what is really going on with this.

I have only played showdown series maybe 10 times, and each time I stay in for 2 to 4 rounds, not usually any more than 4, either it switches to a map/game I dont love and the players seem to bail so it is all of a sudden teams of 2 and 3, I dont like that, it is way too hard to find good targets when there are so few players, and I HATE campers, HATE is a strong word, but I wish there was a stronger word for how I feel about campers.

multiplayer rant, for any game

In every online game I have ever played, First and third person shooters anyway , campers are the scum that settles on the bottom in the swamp, that really nasty stuff, Man I dislike campers!! since Quake 2 to yesterday afternoon, I never liked this strategy, hide, wait from cover, take out passers by, argggg!!! lol but as long as the game allows it, I take the bad with the worse and try to just learn the ropes so when I become more proficient I can hunt and kill the campers, this becomes my whole mission in life in the game.

 I have done in it counter strike, quake 2 COD ww2 and the other one lol forget the name, Star Wars battlefront II, etc.. but in all those I set out to learn and play but end up hunting campers in their dark corners, I enjoy running them out of their hiding spots so they cant use them anymore, in a game like this, if we all camped, the game would fail, nobody would play it, there would be no action at all, the clock would run out without anyone getting a kill.

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1 hour ago, Miltonastic said:

It's very confusing. I don't bother switching teams anyway and I stay on the team I'm dealt, win or lose. Unless with the posse of course. 


Im the same way, I play on the team I get put on, the only time I change is if I see Im on the stacked team, then I will join a more balanced team, but then I leave it, like I said it seems to shuffle anyway and I often end up on another team anyway, so.. Im just trying to understand why and what is going on.

So Pluck  you said you can join together as a posse? thats both god and bad, I can see that being fun if you are in a posse, not so much if your not and if you are in a posse and have your chat on, does that mean that in game you can talk to and hear your posse only, not the rest of the room?

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