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Red Dead Redemption 2's Double-Action Revolver


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This was all found in the game files on the 12th but Rockstar have now activated this challenge for all GTA Online players and it just goes to show how easily Rockstar can get me back on the RDR2 hype train.


I think this is a great way to link the two games and get people hyped as well as a nice way to help those who need it with a cash bonus.

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That is pretty nice of them to do, think I might give it a bash this week. Some more info from a post on gtaforums (you should get an in-game mail to trigger it):


The locations are random

After you open the email go to the first one, then to the next three to the final one to get the gun.

It has no customization in ammunation, only the option to buy ammo

You can head-shot kill any 50 npc's to get the 250k.


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