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  1. Your grasping at straws now dude, I never implied that the writer of the original post is stupid although I see no issue in voicing my opinion that a number of the suggestions featured in the original post are moronic/stupid. If someone were to call me out for something I did which they believed to be stupid that doesn't necessarily mean they believe I'm stupid, they're just expressing they're opinion that what I did was stupid. I also never made any judgemental remarks about the writer of the original post, I merely voiced my honest opinion of the original post based on it's content, the language used and what I believed the writer's intentions were. A common complaint among the RDO community is that Rockstar make poor design choices and ignore player feedback, the point I was making in my first and second posts on this thread was that you can't blame Rockstar for failing to implement features or fixes based on player feedback when they are inundated with suggestions such as the ones featured in the original post. No one on this forum has ever been given a warning or banned for voicing they're honest opinion of a post.
  2. The original post wasn't written as fresh thoughts for other forum users to turn into fully formed ideas as I doubt the user even knew this was a forum, the user started this thread with undeniable confidence that his rambles are as good as fully formed ideas. The post and it's title show a great level arrogance by the user, this combined with the fact that two of their solutions for helping the game grow contradict each other and neither are backed by reasoning would make most believe that this person doesn't know what their talking about. I have nothing against someone voicing their thoughts and opinions on an issue but if I were a Rockstar employee and I received two contradicting suggestions such as these I would believe the writer doesn't know what is good for the game. I never stated that someone who agrees with thoughts presented in the original post doesn't know what's best for them or the game so I don't know where you read that. My issue is with the structure, nature and attitude that comes across in the original post and If you'd done more than glance at my post you would've realized that I was talking about two specific suggestions in the original post although if I were judging the post in it's entirety I would still believe the writer doesn't know what they're talking about.
  3. Putting a 30 minute timer on how often you can kill another player is moronic and giving players the ability to loot cash rather than gain XP from the other players they've killed won't reduce griefing in the slightest, it would undoubtedly have the opposite affect. I'm not saying this to be mean, I say this because if I were a Rockstar employee sifting through various suggestions of this nature I would start to think that a large majority of the RDO community doesn't know what their talking about or what's good for RDO. I believe Rockstar should stop making poor design choices and listen to the RDO community but I can't blame them for ignoring us if they receive multiple suggestions which tail off and imply the author is simply typing thoughts as they pop into his head with no structure or reasoning.
  4. People often wonder why Rockstar don't heed much of the advice they receive through their website, if I were a Rockstar employee sifting through suggestions something like this would convince me that the community has no idea what's good for them.
  5. Even if hair growth in Red Dead Online isn't possible Rockstar could at least give us the ability to layer facial hairstyles on top of eachother, sideburns with a goatee, a moustache with stubble etc.
  6. They're no longer available, you used to be able to glitch them from competitive modes but Rockstar patched the glitch and deleted all glitched outfits. A real D move on Rockstar's part but Rockstar are well known for patching non game-breaking fun/harmless cosmetic glitches.
  7. Nice outfits, the colours go together really well. You'll fit right in if we ever get to go South of the border. You can get better shots by taking photos with your in-game camera, you can then either upload them to Rockstar Games Social Club and copy them from there or screenshot/capture them on Xbox while viewing them in your gallery. Here's a few shots of my character in various outfits.
  8. Cool cards dude, that shot of Rooster Roughneck is definitely my favourite and the short descriptions of each member really add something. That last guy Dan Hudson is the spitting image of Andreas Müller from Red Dead Redemption so I wouldn't wanna cross him at the Poker table.
  9. Exactly, it's surprising and kind of frustrating to me that you had to explain your comment. I agree with OGTKCole and McLawDiz, if someone starts on you for no reason you have every right to go after that person. If I killed someone for no reason I would have no issue with that person hunting me down for as long as they like, don't kill other players if you don't like being killed yourself. So many of the RDO players I run across play Freeroam as if it were a Battle Royale game or another type of game that involves permadeath, they shoot you first chance they get and never expect you to come back and do the same to them. I personally don't get annoyed when someone shoots me for no reason, I get annoyed when that person then does everything in their power to avoid fighting me.
  10. I went to Guarma quite early on to collect parrot feathers, Red-footed Booby carcasses and take photos. Later I went all over Mexico taking photos and exploring every location from Red Dead Redemption, aside from the lack of buildings Mexico is almost exactly the same and shows a lot of potential. As most people know El Presidio is the only man made structure Rockstar bothered to render in Mexico due to it being the most visible from America in Red Dead Redemption. In this photo I'm standing where Casa Madrugada is situated in Red Dead Redemption. This is where Torquemada would be. Even the train tunnel which isn't visible from America is present. Mexico is a huge expanse of unused space and it's a fun place to explore and be hopeful about even if Rockstar never do anything with it. Photos - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Spook-O-Meter/photos?dateRange=any&platform=xboxone&sort=date&title=rdr2
  11. No offence dude but your full of it, you need to get some perspective. This is a game. If someone rides up and shoots me dead for no reason I may not wanna be best buds with that person but I don't ever think that they're somehow part of a problem. They shot me for reasons known only to them, maybe they didn't like my boots. I may shoot them back or just go one doing what I was doing. It's a game with guns where players are given the freedom to shoot anything or anyone that they want and although Rockstar may discourage behaviour deemed unfriendly or toxic they have designed the game around the freedom to do what you want, people can be as friendly or aggressive as they want. I don't shoot NWO and S&S users out of spite or paranoia, I shoot them because the vast majority players with those Cards that I've run into in the past have shot me down for no reason and if I kill a few friendly players who use the Cards for self defence that's too bad. RDO like GTAO has a somewhat toxic community and I'm only looking out for myself and my own enjoyment, I'm not trying to ruin the enjoyment of others but I'm also not gonna be friendly to the whole RDO community and risk my own enjoyment in the hopes that they won't shoot me.
  12. I make judgments on whether a player is likely to be hostile based off previous experience that I have had in the game, if my experience with S&S and NWO users was a mixed bag I wouldn't be so quick to shoot them. For the first 2-3 months I didn't shoot anybody on sight, I was completely passive until I was killed but I found myself getting constantly shot for no reason by players hungry for kills. The kind of players who did and still do shoot me are varied, high levels, low levels, NWO users and non NWO users but the reason I shoot NWO/S&S users on sight is because every NWO/S&S user I came across bar three killed me for no reason. I can't defend myself against every hostile player, I can't foresee what every player will do but if a particular kind of player is persistently toxic towards me I'm gonna shoot them on sight, I'm not gonna take the risk. I don't mind being seen as an A$$hat, I've found the game far less frustrating and far more enjoyable since I started shooting NWO/S&S users on sight. I may go back to how I played at launch and become passive again in a few months to see if things have changed but for now I'm not letting them near me.
  13. Yeah, every time I see one coming my way I blast them and I've heard players state all the various reasons why they use those Cards but almost every random player that I've run into with those Cards has been toxic so I can't exactly trust someone with those Cards to be friendly just on the off chance that they're that 1 in 100. I shoot them on sight for the same reason that I would immediately shoot a player on GTAO who came my way looking like this.
  14. Yeah, the coloured blips/hostility level system doesn't work at all as blue blips can become red blips through justifiable self defence and red blips can pay to become blue blips with gold. The whole hostility system is a sad joke, it's better to go by your own judgement when another player is approaching you. When RDO first dropped I never shot anyone first no matter how shady/hostile they appeared to be but RDO is more like GTAO than RDR Multiplayer and has a mostly hostile community, there's always someone ready to dome you. Before GTAO I didn't have an opinion on tryhards but after playing GTAO for a fair few years I don't trust them or like them in the slightest and that's why the only people I shoot on sight in RDO are tryhards because they seem to be the only overly hostile/problem players for me at least, anytime I see a player with Never Without One or Slow & Steady coming my way I just shoot them. RDO's first update has been a real shitshow in my opinion so I won't have much confidence in future updates until I see a good one, I don't think the anti-griefing systems Rockstar are including in the Spring update are gonna fix the problems Rockstar want them to, I think these new systems are just gonna make for more problems but I hope I'm wrong.
  15. I assume that further down the line Rockstar will add vehicles, horse breeds, hairstyles etc but other than that I have no idea what major items will be added to Red Dead Online but there are a fair few items I'd like to see added. Ponchos Bandoliers Glasses Rings Tattoos More holster variations
  16. I've never had many issues with the Daily Challenges, I get the occasional challenge which will ask me to get kills with a gun I don't own but aside from that I've been able to complete them with ease. I've found that the easiest way of completing challenges that involve animals is to go to the location where the animal spawns and session hop until you get the kills you need.
  17. I fit mostly into categories 1. and 3. but since the latest update I've had to start shooting other players on sight so I could probably fit into number 5. as well now.
  18. Very little of the locked clothing has been unlocked, I thought either the Benbow or Porter jacket would at least be made available. They posted a Newswire article talking about future updates and what they'll include which has got me a bit worried. "The Offensive Playing Style is much like the current Free Roam play as we know it while the Defensive Playing Style is a more evolved version of the Passive Mode concept, designed for Red Dead Online’s more grounded experience - giving players more flexibility in how they interact with the world and at the same time de-emphasizing hostile contact with other players. Choosing the Defensive option introduces balances that compliment a less confrontational approach: Defensive players cannot be lassoed by rival players - although if a Defensive player lassos another player, they’ll be removed from Defensive play and incur a significant Hostility level increase. Defensive players will trade the ability to lock on to other players for the benefit that other players will not be able to lock on to Defensive players. While Defensive players can target and be targeted in free aim, they cannot deliver or receive critical hits – if a Defensive player is attacked with a headshot, they’ll survive and be able to defend themselves via the Hostility system or escape all while remaining Defensive. There are several other adjustments that come with the Defensive Playing Style, all of which are built to work seamlessly with systems like Hostility and Bounties to keep all players rooted in the world." I'm calling it now, tryhards and griefers will find a way to abuse this new "Defensive Playing Style" option and this new option will just end up an overpowered game breaking tool. Rockstar are so stubborn and are committed to making the one Freeroam for all system work. They add Parley, God Mode in stores, Bounties for killing others and soon a Defensive Playing Style option when all we really need is Friendly Freeroam. When they described this new option as a more evolved version of Passive Mode for Red Dead Online's more grounded experience I had little chuckle. "grounded experience"? You've got players running around with bulletproof hats, explosive bullets, explosive arrows and you've almost always got a player who Parleys with you just to stand in front of you and stop you defending yourself, this game is becoming a joke and Rockstar continue to ignore the community feedback because they believe they know better. I want this game to evolve and get better but stuff like this worries me, I hope that I'm wrong about this new Defensive Playing Style option and it turns out to be perfectly balanced and can't be abused but I'm not holding my breath. They also stated in their Newswire post that they're adding a Hostility System to allow players to kill others in self defence without incurring a bounty which is great news but it should've been common sense to include something like this when you added the bounty system, I highly doubt Rockstar will be reimbursing me for the near $600 I lost all because I defended myself from other players. The most exciting thing I read in the Newswire post was the announcement that the LeMat Revolver will be making a return, it wasn't super surprising since they've already added the Evans Repeater and you can find a poster for the LeMat Revolver in the Blackwater Police Station but I'm pleased to see it's confirmed now.
  19. It's available for purchase up until the first time you buy it, for example; my friend was level 39 and had never bought Stubble but when he did he only had it for a short time until it disappeared and became permanently unavailable for purchase like it is for all players who have ever bought it. Tons of players have submitted tickets about this issue since the first week of Red Dead Online but Rockstar are more focused on removing glitched clothing and taxing self defence.
  20. I gave Red Dead Online another go yesterday and I honestly don't know how to enjoy the game anymore. Since the launch of Red Dead Online I've never been one to shoot on sight, I always wait for someone to shoot at me first but that doesn't mean I don't defend myself and fight those who want to fight. This update has been one step forward and two steps back, this update hasn't stopped people griefing and since Rockstar made self defence a crime I've lost nearly $150 to bounty hunters, my blip is red through defending myself from other players and therefore every time I'm killed I spawn a stupidly long distance away. Whether your a nice, non toxic player or an unfriendly griefer Rockstar punish you just the same. Before the update the worst thing that could happen to me if I let someone shoot first was that I would respawn nearby and shoot back or carry on what I was doing but now if someone shoots first and kills me I spawn miles away and have to ride back to wherever I want to be, Rockstar have made it clear to me with this update that I'll be better off if I just shoot every random player I encounter on sight before they have a chance to shoot me and spawn me miles away, the only other option is to avoid any interaction with other players which means I may as well be playing singleplayer. The tax Rockstar have put on killing other players is just the same whether your defending yourself or killing in cold blood so what's the point in being friendly? Especially when so often the penalty for not shooting first is being spawned miles away from where you wanna be. Unless Rockstar change this system the best way to play Red Dead Online now is just to shoot on sight because Rockstar will give you a bounty and tax you either way.
  21. I was worried this would happen ever since they described the bounty system and I've had the exact same experience as you since the update dropped, the only difference being that I don't wanna spend $7,000 just to avoid paying my bounty. Rockstar have made self defence a crime and are punishing players who defend themselves by taking their money away, I've lost £58 dollars to bounty hunters already. Rockstar haven't added this bounty system to reduce the amount of griefing, they've added this bounty system to make it look like their trying to reduce the amount of griefing. Everybody knows that if Rockstar wanted to stop griefing all they'd have to do was add PVE Lobbies/Friendly Freeroams where players couldn't harm each other but Rockstar will never do that because griefers contribute towards their profits, I'd be willing to bet that a decent number of Shark Cards and Gold Bars have been bought by disgruntled players that didn't have enough in game cash to buy the weapons/vehicles they were being griefed by and therefore gave Rockstar more money in order to purchase said weapons/vehicles. I found Red Dead Online a tad boring and stale before the update came out and I was hoping an update would revitalise the game and increase the player base but all it's done is ruin Freeroam and make hunting vastly less profitable. They still haven't fixed the stubble facial hair option or issues that cause the game to crash and they seem to have removed all loot from trains. I had a red sash glitched onto an outfit that wasn't doing any harm but Rockstar deleted that so I was hoping they would've added some good clothing in return, they've added some decent clothing options but most of them seem to be marketed towards clowns judging by the brightness of the colours used. RIP Landon Ricketts, without the sash I just look like a tramp. Red Dead Online was a good bit of fun before the update so it's a real shame they've started to tax players. I'm gonna quit playing until the next update or patch, if Rockstar had any decency they would fix this broken bounty system and give players their money back but unfortunately I don't see that happening.
  22. I change my characters appearance quite often out of boredom, hopefully the clothing options coming in the update this Tuesday will be worth my cash and all the killing I've done to make said cash. I rarely use the camera and therefore I've not varied my posing style too much but here are a few photographs of my character, most of them taken when I think the lighting looks nice or after I've stolen a hat I liked the look of.
  23. When posting things like this you're better off if you include what platform your playing on as well as your GT/PSN Username so that people can contact you easier.
  24. - Trapper in Red Dead Online that works just as it does in singleplayer - Add the LeMatt Revolver and a poncho - Reintroduce PVE Servers/Friendly Freeroams and remove all god mode from normal servers - Fix or remove all the overpowered tryhard Ability Cards, Never Without One, Slow And Steady etc
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