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  1. If they just let us have utility wagons or something then this wouldn't be an issue. Like those small ones that can trail a horse and carry stuff.
  2. I have been able to do some missions solo easily but others were impossible. You have to have like a minimum of three people in your group to complete it. I am fine with this but add more missions for people who run solo or make the missions 20% easier if they are hard ones and you are alone.
  3. They want people robbing other players but to what extent? I think we should have something in line to at least give us a warning.
  4. I have mixed feelings about where the game stands and what should be done to keep the trolls from abusing the mechanics. I don't want this game to become passive where there is no conflict but it can't stay where it is right now. I have had more issues with being killed on here than my 3 years spent playing GTA V online.
  5. Could this be a possible glitch? Like if you reset your character you might not be able to find any maps. Could be something worth sharing with Rockstar.
  6. Let both Twitter and Facebook die. Heard places like Buzzfeed and Vice are tanking hard too cause they got a lot of views and revenue from Facebook and Mark cut back heavy on news being shared on Facebook in an attempt to keep people on there.
  7. I love that they have cats just wondering about. I am a cat person so naturally, I would much rather be surrounded by virtual puss than dogs.
  8. My friend got fed up with the game and was ready to just sell it. I told him to just contact Rockstar and let them know all of his issues and just take a break. I have been frustrated myself quite a number of times but it is worth waiting to see what the game looks like when it is done.
  9. Is there a glitch or bug happening with the camp system because it seems to be worse for a lot of people in terms of it moving more and further away. I have had mine move several times out of my region selection and it can be rather annoying when I am grinding.
  10. Both should count I believe. I have done both and it seemed to work for me. I didn't time my time spent operating the train vs just being a passenger though.
  11. What day does this end? It days for the week but today is Tuesday. I wanna do a bit of grinding and clear out my inventory before I stock up but I also don't want to miss out on the deal. You can never have too many tonics.
  12. As mentioned, if you are stuck just try a different save file. It seems a lot of issues within the game come down to save files getting messed up. Anytime I have been stuck like this, I just save under a new file and it fixes the issue.
  13. I am going to try this. I want to see if this is legit because I have read others not being able to do this on Reddit as well as YouTube but I am a curious cat, I have to find out for myself.
  14. Same here. Some people say yes, others say no. I am not sure if this is down to certain things you do in the game or what. I haven't been able to get one again.
  15. I really can't think of anything I didn't like. There were certainly parts I like more than others but there really wasn't any aspect of the story I felt was dumb or bad. Everything flowed well and we got enough character detailing to keep the story moving forward. Yeah, I do get why people think it was predictable but if you have seen enough old west films, anything like this would be.
  16. I had the same issue with it not showing for a while and then it randomly was there. You can contact Rockstar and see if there is something you can do. I am sure other people are having issues with this as well.
  17. They have stated it will stay but they also never wrote it in stone so we can assume, for the time being, all of our progress and what we collect is fine but there is still the chance they will take it all away.
  18. Billy Bob is my prized stud right now. I also have a female named Melissa. I am not very creative with my names. I was going to name them after memes but the ones I like are basically all dead now.
  19. Me and my buddy were trying to figure this out last night. It seems to just ghost in and random spots which is kind of annoying. I am going to follow the tracks with him again tonight and see what we can find.
  20. Amen. I don't know if they fully thought this through or if it isn't a complete concept, or what. It just seems stupid and senseless if you ask me.
  21. I have yet to hear anything. Just keep an eye on their Twitter and the RDR2 website for updates. I was hoping we'd get some DLC or some kind of additions by now.
  22. Fish like you would in real life. If the fish is pulling, the line will snap. Just be patient about it. They did a good job with a lot of mechanics in the game being true to life.
  23. I just figured that out a few days ago and holy hell is it like a godsend. I was so pissed off at trolls for doing this to me but It wasn't like I could do anything about it. Now I free myself and headshot them every time. It is glorious!
  24. LOL Nice plan! Either way, he will look like a di*k if he gets mad which is a win for you either way. I love sibling rivalry when kids are unintentionally involved. I do it with my sister all the time. My niece is a bit of an ADD gal and she loses interest in things fast so every time I get her a gift, I make sure to give it a week or 2 late so she has something new to enjoy. My sister gets so mad.
  25. I had to do this last night. I hate reporting people for just pissing me off but these dudes were straight up being racist, be it to be funny or not it wasn't right and they were targeting a solo player too. I tried to handle it calmly but then they started calling me all kinds of distasteful names so I send the other dude a message and said to report them all and I would do the same.
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