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RDO - Out of Map?



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I went to Guarma quite early on to collect parrot feathers, Red-footed Booby carcasses and take photos. Later I went all over Mexico taking photos and exploring every location from Red Dead Redemption, aside from the lack of buildings Mexico is almost exactly the same and shows a lot of potential.


As most people know El Presidio is the only man made structure Rockstar bothered to render in Mexico due to it being the most visible from America in Red Dead Redemption.


In this photo I'm standing where Casa Madrugada is situated in Red Dead Redemption.


This is where Torquemada would be.


Even the train tunnel which isn't visible from America is present.

Mexico is a huge expanse of unused space and it's a fun place to explore and be hopeful about even if Rockstar never do anything with it.

Photos - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Spook-O-Meter/photos?dateRange=any&platform=xboxone&sort=date&title=rdr2

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