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  1. BlueAgaveShots: I lived only 92 miles from Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico for a couple of years. Important to know that I had already cultivated a taste for the stuff.... Worst part about that? Besides moving back to the US lol, my two favorite tequilas are scarce at best in the United States: Viuda de Romero ("Romero's Widow") añejo or reposado, and Purasangre ("Thoroughbred").
  2. Nov. is RDR2's first birthday. What do you think Rockstar will do for us, especially those who have been there since the beginning? How about for those of us who went online on day one and grinded our way through beta?
  3. My opinion has just done a one-eighty after seeing the 👎Halloween masks Nazar is selling for $150.👎 So the guy might as well get his samurai suit(s). The horse masks were bad enough.... Here's my test: in any John Wayne or Clint Eastwood cowboy movie, would you see any of this nonsense?? 😆😅😂 I think the Halloween masks will make great target practice lol.
  4. The only thing that has worked for me is throwing a stick of dynamite about 8 feet from the base of the trunk of the tree.... Everything else including varmint rifle and small game arrows just hasn't worked for me.
  5. No, absolutely not.: I paid 35 gold bars to do business with her, and then to be successful enough to recoup my investment, had to buy a shovel and metal detector from her--over $1000. That negates any justification for her location to be withheld with hopes that I will be lucky enough to stumble across her riding across a whole country. Nobody does business that way, then or now. I buy maps from her instead of using maps like this. If I was @Kean_1 I would remove this link and send it over to the cheats heading. Peace. Out.
  6. Disagree. not everyone wants to play a chess game with a computer telling them their every move or someone standing it over their shoulder. Seems to remove all the gamesmanship, in effect, winning by cheating. You can mail in a collection but seeing how she sells things it makes me scratch my head why Rockstar wants to keep her location a mystery on a daily basis. Buying her maps are risk because they don't necessarily give you the items they need and that's the chance you take. But secret location? I don't get it and that's why I started the thread. Thanks for your input I'm sure people will jump all over this map but I won't be one of them
  7. IMHO you may be in the wrong game. You kind of asked what we think of that idea and then seem to defend your own position which is fine and cool oh, and you can certainly submit a suggestion to Rockstar. I think it's contrary to the idea and setting of the game. example there are ships in the game but IMHO I don't think there should be pirate costumes
  8. I think your speed issue with the Breton is decidedly different than mine and that of the or my posse members (four different posses not including my own). When I typed my remarks you may have been a player with a $550 horse at level 0 and a mediocre saddle, thus, I begin by saying all due respect. You clarified that's not you. I'm sorry your Breton is glitched-out after paying so much for it and insurance and the stall. Maybe the next DLC will offer a Paso Fino to do your bidding. Good luck out there cowboy.
  9. All due respect I think you have the wrong Breton or the wrong tack or both. See my most recent post
  10. @EaglesLanding I love fast-travel at my camp and my Posse members would whine and moan if I took it away. They weren't so sure they wanted or liked it in the beginning but they are hooked.
  11. SPEED!?? MY BRETON ROCKS. With proper saddle and stirrups (NOT the Delgado because I own that too), my steel grey Breton is rated 9 Speed and 6 Acceleration. Does anybody honestly need more than that? And Gambarro is smarter than the other horses, e.g. when I am dismounted in a furious gunbattle, he does not flee. He takes himself to safety which is never more than 40 or 60 feet away, returns less than 2 seconds after whistling. He doesn't run off into the great unknown. He will whinney at snakes but not rear-up, and pulls his head hard left or right to warn me of a gator nearby. As much as I love my Turkoman (Añejo) with the same stats, there's no comparing In the heat of battle or natural danger. I've already eliminated a couple of horses from my stable and will probably pare it down to just three: Turk, Nokota, and Breton.
  12. You think we'll be able to hijack train cargoes when the Role Levels 21-40 DLC drops!??
  13. Ex-----actly. If I could equate this to an automobile, it's like a big old Buick or Oldsmobile from yesteryear, 3500 lbs with a 455 cubic inch engine... A big steel beast with a big motor which puts out all the power you need and want yet you can steer it with one finger with a rides as smooth as glass. Even if you don't remember those old days and landyachts, I think you catch my drift. That's my Gambarro--Spanish for thug, hooligan, ruffian.
  14. Horse evaluation help: https://www.gtabase.com/red-dead-redemption-2/horses/#sort=attr.ct10.frontend_value&sortdir=desc
  15. put 21 lazy people in a server and they all go to emerald ranch for sheep to satisfy a daily instead of the High Country to find their own. I am the 22nd person in that server who goes to the High Country for bighorn. I was hunting geese on the pond in the emerald ranch area and saw eight players ride up looking for sheep inside of 30 minutes. I figure that's the crowd that relies on YouTube for everything they do in the game. I was waiting for them to make a big bonfire, wear matching t-shirts, pull out the marshmallows, and sing kumbaya 😆😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
  16. Yikes that's awful but it hasn't been my experience. Lately I've been able to shoot deer and everything else from my campfire. I camp in the Great Plains or Scarlett Meadows. You might try that 🤠👍
  17. I do the same and it's annoying as hell. but with bigger problems such as not being able to get a camp to spawn when you desperately need to work on your Trader, and other problems oh, I have to put this annoyance into perspective and say please dear God get these other ones fixed
  18. North between the t & the e of the word bluewater, she is just to the left of that small junction
  19. @lumper I found this and thought it might help other players
  20. Good to know I guess....but alot of our members rely on this forum. It is not the clickbait capital of the world nor riddled with virused content, and one can pick and choose which topics to ignore. That's why I started the thread.
  21. Lvl 20 Criollo paint. Lvl 9 speed, lvl 6 accel. and easy to handle. Named him after the fiercest of native American tribes in the old west, "Kiowa Brave"
  22. My character appears to me Mexican and is dressed as such read so I named my red and black Breton "Cholo Chido," which roughly translates to cool hooligan or cool gangster.
  23. A 325+ level posse mate of mine says, unequivocally, 29 is the limit. I wish I had his problems lol
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