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Is this a new tactic? Is it griefing?


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I've had quite a few incidents with players where they shoot me, then either run into a general store and access the wardrobe, or into a saloon and access a barber. Doing this completely removes them from the map. 

They seem to try to do it quickly so an unaware player thinks they left the server, then when they see their victim moving away, they exit the wardrobe or barber and try and kill their victim again. 

I know they often run into shops, but is this disappearing act a new thing? I lean toward calling this a form of griefing, but do these people think it's a fair tactic? 

I've also seen these players able to go defensive as soon as they exit the shop. Is this due to the length of time they wait in the shop/barber?

Just as a PSA, always check the player list to verify they did in fact leave the server.

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Damn that is soooooo lame i mean cmon. Sadly there will always be players like that finding "holes" to ruin other's fun. I've seen them in every online game i played ever. 

At least here those ppl are annoying and not gamebreaking like in other online games. 

Remind me of funny thing y-day while i was playing.

I stole a donkey from a farm and used it instead of my horse - it was so funny. Then my door bell rang and i had to go afk for 8-10 mins. It was the first time i used defensive mode and left my character on the road. When i got back the donkey was gone, i was without my hat  standing high on the cliffs. 

I thought to myself - i bet i was hogtied and dropped from a cliff somwhere or sth like that. Shame i didnt see it really (i bet i wouldnt allow it but still).

My opressor ! If You're reading this and have video of "the murder" i would like to watch it :) 

There will always be players looking to disturb You/ shoot you while your afk etc. Grow strong and kill em and learn to let go sometimes (especially while outnumbered). 


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