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  1. This has been happening to me as well. I do not know of a fix at the moment.
  2. I do not think that getting attacked during a trade delivery is the same as griefing, unless attacks are continued after the mission is over.
  3. In the last two days I have noticed that my character's outfit has been resetting from the one I logged off with to a hat, no shirt, bandito pants and boots. Sometimes this also happens when I start a legendary bounty mission. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. I think a cool option would be to allow traders to hire bounty hunters to escort them. Similar to the stranger missions.
  5. I would take advantage of this week’s extra xp and money from doing online strangers missions... (wait until the last :30 seconds to complete, you earn way more xp) - you should be able to rank up quickly, but it ends Tuesday. Another idea is to link up with some folks on here or a posse and work the online story missions... easy xp and money. Do your best to complete at least one daily objective every day, you earn bonus xp and money the longer your consecutive streak goes. When you aren’t doing missions, try to hunt and also make sure you loot/skin everything that you kill. Finally, as already mentioned by another poster, I highly recommend not attacking other players in free roam unless attacked first!
  6. I was having glitch issues with missions as well, the old (and thought previous fixed) not starting glitch mostly. I’m jealous of the XP, I was not pulling anything close to that amount!
  7. I don’t know if it’s a related issue, but my horse caught a case of something yesterday...I played for about 2 hours and crashed/jumped into an object on the other side of a jumpable object/failed to jump a small object all resulting in catastrophic damage to me and my horse 11 times. Previously, like most people, I dealt with this issue occasionally, but not nearly at a 1:12 minute ratio. Some of them were quite humorous though, I think I ended up on a roof of a house somehow after one of them.
  8. Agreed - I did not mean to sound as if I was recommending anyone sign up and pay for Amazon Prime just to get Twitch Prime for free. I only have it because my wife has an Amazon Prime subscription.
  9. Unless you or someone in your family has Amazon Prime, then it’s free.
  10. The bonus is legit, I received mine in 24 hr.
  11. I did some searching on the Internet, and here’s the info for comparison: - Red Harlow born circa 1854 and Uncle born sometime before 1849. (Possible match) - Red Dead Revolver takes place in the 1880s (making Red approx. 25-30 and Uncle probably in his 30s). (Possible match) - Red Dead Redemption takes place around 1911 (Red/Uncle would be approx. 57 or 62). (Possible match). - Uncle’s parents died when he was 9. Red’s parents were also killed when he was very young, but age not listed. Just based on this information, I think it is totally plausible that Red and Uncle might be the same person.
  12. Today my issue is that my camp won’t appear and my character is always “too hot” even though it’s only 42* F.
  13. @HuDawg what’s your gamer tag? We need to go huntin’
  14. Xbox or PS Check this thread https://www.rdr2.org/forums/forum/16-posse-recruitment/
  15. So, having read through this thread, I can see how hunting could be misconstrued for griefing. Having said that, I would never “hunt” indiscriminately... Usually I just kill them once or twice and go on my merry way...they have to really earn it to get me to put forth that much effort to literally chase them out of the server.
  16. If a Taliban riding a horse full speed toward an OP gets hit gets hit center mass by a 7.62 round from a rifle, he most definitely goes backward over the rear end of the horse, which is what I mean by my example. However, I understand your point about Hollywood and was just being picky.
  17. Haha depends on what you mean by “launched.” I assume he meant more like “knocked out of the saddle” which would really depend on some physics if we want to get technical haha ie Target’s travel speed, balance on object (are they hunched over, sitting upright, tied down, holding on to reigns etc), velocity and caliber of the bullet/projectile, angle of travel and contact location -I am sure there is more. Haha
  18. Please invite me when this takes place, I would very much like to partake.
  19. Hate to disagree with you, but your argument is true only for a very few. The overwhelming majority of people commit violent crimes for some reason or another (money/fame/need/revenge/religion etc). Unsolved crimes do not prove anything one way or another because they are unsolved ie no one was identified as the criminal, so a psychological profile of the criminal(s) could not be completed.
  20. I would say it’s more of an acceptance of the current situation rather than enjoyment.
  21. It should give a message on screen saying that a warning shot was fired. That’s how you know it worked.
  22. Yep that’s it... just be careful not to accidentally shoot a player or the invisible swordsman. Haha
  23. That sucks, I understand your frustration... do you know how fire a warning shot so it sends out a message on the screen “player x has fired a warning shot”? Maybe that could help you avoid conflict in situations like these? Just trying to help!
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