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Lone Wolf Seeking Posse


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Cascadian Hobo is a middle-aged man with too much time on his hands who enjoys Saint Denis by moonlight, long walks on the Blackwater beaches and that gurgling sound when the arrow hits home on a headshot followed by the whoosh of equine flatulence that wafts over the newly minted corpse as he and his horse take the lead in a Target Race.

Cascadian left a respectable Pacific Northwest home at a respectable age to seek fame in The East. It proved too fickle a food, and his coincidental lack of enthusiasm towards the pursuit of fortune eventually left him jaded, forlorn and headed west in a boxcar. Not without his resources, his wide range of interests has given him significant skills, experience and insight which he he is maybe too willing to share with fellow travelers.

Address mail to Cascadian Hobo c/o XBox general delivery or possibly watch for hobosign appearing from u/cascadianhobo at r/reddeadonline.

(Seriously, looking for other adults to chat with, dork out over game mechanics, strategy, theorycrafting, min-maxing and otherwise work together in order to save ourselves some grief and remain competitive in PvP despite our advancing years and failing faculties.)

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Great. I usually take a break in the early evening (PST) but will add and say hello. Thanks! 

ETA: D'oh, just noticed you are PS4.  Sorry I wasn't more clear that I'm on XBox - I online added it to my profile last night and was trying to be old-timey subtle about it in the original post. My bad.

That there is not necessarily real technical constraints (the real constraints are mostly business-related, IMHO) keeping the communities separate is frustrating. A relatively new frustration, as I'm relatively new to console multiplayer.

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There may be a possibility of you doin' some hare raisin'. We're rootin' tootin' high falutin' deadly shootin' laughin'-hootin' lootin' breeze-shootin' cowpokes and poke-ettes from several non-Putin continents.

So take a look at posse recruiting. And send the big bunny a p.m. if interested. We might like to see if there is some gumption behind that fancy talk 😉😁20190617_103643-1.png.99ffebf8e56872e4a148b3efd2104fe7.png


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Sounds like my kinda partner.  Add me up @ smashingwest.


I just really started getting into Online after many, many 100% single player playthroughs.  Level 37 now and also would love some backup against the goddamn griefers.  


Also a fellow Cascadian.

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