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  1. This new outlaw pass gives players a bigger ammo pouch to store more bullets. The ability to cook multiple food items at once AND the ability to fast travel from a a personal camp. R* has basically put some pretty decent quality of life game play improvements behind a time based pay wall, that you have to grind exp to use. A week before the biggest game of the year comes out. No cool... at all. (R* corporatz being naughty again) But more bounty stuff is always fun. Just wished they would have dropped all the content instead of drip feeding.
  2. The difference in player behavior is due to the speed at which players can engage others at. And slightly different blip systems. RD O is much slower due to only having horses.. In GTA O you can quickly jump into fighter jets, flying bikes and flying cars. This is why GTA O is much worse in terms of violent aggressive players. Also why more kiddies player GTA O. Most people don't want to ride for 5-10 minutes to kill players. In GTA O, they can spawn a flying rocket bike and be anywhere on the map in under minute.
  3. There is another one where you need 2 people to pull off. You start a private poker match and invite someone. Then as soon as the person you invite accepts and gets the 'join' message. The person who started the poker game needs to leave (Right as the person gets the join message). Then the person who accepted the invite gets kicked back out into a private lobby. Then you join that persons lobby. I haven't tried that method in a few months.. Wonder if thats been patched. I'll try it out again tonight to see if it still works.
  4. Is the private lobby glitch still working?
  5. Nearly 2 months left this year. And the only big update RD O got in 2020 was a hunting update/animal tranq update. When i hear they added some sort of zombie survival mode. I was soooo excited. Then i joined and noticed it was PVP? R* thinks their pvp mechanics are like Franks Hot Sauce, because they put that sh*t on everything. Cyberpunk can't come fast enough..
  6. It boggles my mind that you claim you want to test your 'skills' yet avoid 'free aim'. Sounds more like you enjoy shooting friendlies with auto aim and then playing peg boy.
  7. Ya.. the reason people are not complaining is because they like it. The game does work better with less players.
  8. The best part of Red Dead, is the single player story. Why would only play a few hours of single player and jump into online.... and then uninstall the game and complain about 'lacking' solo play? Thats make's no sense.. You hurt my brain. Theres plenty of things to complain about when it comes to Red Dead Online.. But not like that.
  9. ....Whaaat.. Where.. Whoo....? A Hardcore game mode finally comes to Red Dead Online.. After almost 2 years. Now if only R* can just figure it out, that Hardcore is not just a pvp game mode. Everything is better with no ability cards, tonics and auto aim. Gimmie Hardcore free roam and co-op you shunavitches!
  10. Mess is an understatement. I wonder how R* tests their updates and patches? Its clearly not done in public lobbies.. Public lobbies. No human Npcs, no animals, stranger missions don't work, invisible afk players just standing around and my horse is acting weird as hell. Yet the moment i get a private lobby going. everything works. Wtf? Its almost like R* tests all their updates and patches in private lobbies. Im no game dev. But i have a theory. What is the difference between public and private sessions? Only thing i can think of is R*s player match making/syncing system and free roam events system. Private sessions are manual and don't have any match making going on in the back ground. It also has no free roam events.
  11. Private lobbies rule . Its the superior version of Red Dead Public lobbies.. At this point, if R* 'fixes' private lobbies i might quit playing. The game is so much better without the dead weight. Dead weight being other players.
  12. I've found ZERO legendary animals in public sessions. I've found 7 in private lobbies.. And i was level 16 when i 1st saw a free roam legendary. For the animals to spawn. Try hanging around slightly outside its spawn area. You'll see a yellow question mark pop up on your GPS. They don't seem to spawn if you're right on top of the spawn area. Its still a random spawn.. Just like random free roam events/strangers.
  13. It may have been the glitch. The free aim glitch involves doing one of Harriets Legendary Animal missions to get it to work. But it has nothing to do with having an animal on your back.
  14. Im actually enjoying this update.. Also the private lobby glitch and the free aim glitch, is just icing on the cake. The last few days, being able to be play free aim in public lobbies without threat of auto aim from other players, to me is a dream come true. Probably will get fixed, but i have my fingers crossed that it takes as long as it did to fix animals. The private lobby glitch just involves playing poker with a friend. Hosting a poker game, inviting a friend, then backing out the moment that friend gets a 'processing join' at the bottom of the screen. The free aim glitch... Well, i ain't tellin'. (Because i don't want it fixed)..lol But it basically forces me and anyone who tries to target me into using free aim since the lock on won't work. I know alot of people are going to get salty about this once more people figure out how to do it. But i won't notice if others players are using it, since i mostly use free aim. So for me, i love it either way. A little warning to players. I've seen many players now camping Gus looking to snatch Legendary skins. Especially in St Denis. Also the new Improved bow has nearly twice the range as the regular bow. Combined with dynamite arrows and PIB is extremely over powered.
  15. I have the same problem.. I keep taking pictures. none of them register. A friend of mine is using the new camera.. Seems to work. Also the animals need to be awake.
  16. This update isn't really my thing, but im having fun with it.. And holt shiiiit, at least the game actually works now. Legendary Animals... I don't really understand why R* forces free aim onto players when trying to kill Legendary Animals. I mean, i get it. Auto Aim makes the game too easy so they want to spice it up and prolong that animal encounter (and thats exactly why i play free aim) But Free Aim needs its own lobby. Many players want 100% of the game free aim. Not 1% of it. Really wish the person in charge of Red Dead Online would just pull their head out of their ass make it happen. Because the reasoning behind making legendary animals free aim, is the same damn reason why myself and many others play free aim. Anyways, i can't be the only one who instantly thought of this when buying the tranq rounds for the Varmint Rifle. Shooting people with it is pretty funny..
  17. Think its a combo of hardware and current gen player count in public sessions. Because for me, its like this. 4-8 players it runs perfectly. 8-16 A little wonky, but still works most of the time 17+ The game starts to dry up, things bug out. So maybe R* could add 3 free roam game modes based on those numbers. And call them, It Works , It Works Sometimes... and Borked. They could do more things with non free roam updates. Like survival modes, wagon races, canoe races, pvp fist fighting game modes. Just some small updates like that could spice things up. If anything, They need to at least finish off the main RDO story co-op missions. Before moving onto next gen. And if they really.....really want to make fans happy. They need to add private lobbies and free aim lobbies.
  18. Welp... Heres hoping its something good.
  19. For me its not about realism, but more the auto aim making the shoot outs in this game too fast and too easy. Which would be a problem in any game with this type of auto aim. It takes me about 20-30 seconds to kill 20 npcs. With free aim, it takes at least a few mins. There is no real difficulty setting in RD O. Which too its credit, GTA O does have difficulty settings for pve/co-op missions, and aim settings. GTA O HARD settings for heists with free aim can be extremely difficult. But, you can also play it on easy with free aim. Hell, if R* gave RD O most of the basic setting options that GTA O has, id be happier then a pig in sheeeet.
  20. Current gen didn't even get a new GTA. And as it stands, next gen might not even get a new GTA. Because they are too busy milking GTA O. Thats the sad part. Flying bikes, flying cars, orbital strikes and all the other extremely over powered vehicles in the game make GTA a mess. Im not saying its all bad, but when you factor everything with the good and the bad, its a mess. And then theres Red Dead O. A game where R* has basically left to die at this point. Which seems to me that because R* can't milk RD O, they barely bother with it. Hell, im still waiting for Free Aim in Red Dead O. Game is simply too brain dead easy with auto aim and auto aim is boring. GTA V/O needs to be shelved by R* not pushed again onto next gen. RDO needs to be fixed and finished. GTA 6 should be getting its teaser trailer. Instead we live in bizzaro where the opposite of what should be happening is happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=foUaOCzfIRU ^1st time ever R*posted a video and it got more dislikes then likes. The comments mostly negative.
  21. I would love a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption. Hell, most of R* games from 2000-2010 would be great for for remasters, they actually made ALOT of games. (which they don't seem to do anymore) Sadly theres a lot of things they could still do with Red Dead Online, they just don't. And im not even talking about new content. But what they are pulling, if this news is true.. Is exactly what they did with GTA O. As far as Gta Online goes. Its sad that R* is still milking that game for everything they can. That game is a mess. Im just going to assume that GTA 6 will come out at the end of next gens life cycle. That way they can do same thing with GTA 6 and try to get people to buy the game again for next next gen.
  22. I agree.. But the assassination missions do have a short timer, so you can run down the clock very easily. Id rather there be NO timer and only one life for everyone involved till its over. Another problem with the assassination missions is the that PAYOUTs are time based... So unless you kill the player at the last few seconds it pays out nothing. Meanwhile alls the target has to do is run away till the timer ends and they get a nice payout. All the time based payouts in this game need to go anyways.
  23. That's make zero sense. And the fact that 60k people 'liked' it, blows my mind.
  24. Summer update!! Coming on the last day of Summer...lol GTA tho.. Had much more playable content in the 1st few months of its release. It also had a content creator. And tons of options to how to play the game.
  25. Can't believe how long its been since the last content update... At this point id take anything...
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