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What actually happened just then?



Had a moment like this last night.

Saint Denis,  sell herbs to quack and mount horse outside. In defensive mode.Open menu and then get hit at absolute full pelt by a player on horseback. My Turk survives and I stagger to my feet. Player starts throwing poisoned knives into me, his tag us red but dot isn't. I get tired of being a dart board, so goto shoot him with bolt action. Cant lock on and auto aim keeps tracking Npc's.

I finally literally wrestle the dot into place and shoot the guys face off. There was no red on map, no prompt to parlay ,no option to press charges, no bounty on my head, no loss of honour.

Bit befuddled. Maybe he had slippery bastard on? Don't explain everything though. New form of griefing..Any thoughts?



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Could have been a hacker? Or a game glitch. I've seen players without dots before, (Griefers who hunted me and my posse across two serves). Still haven't figured out how they did that. (The no-dots thing)

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