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In addition to Cart Races...


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Cart races were a favourite in RDR1O and I'm excited for them to return...

But I'd LOVE full on Chuckwagon races! Three teams of 4 players/posse members. You have a driver and a passenger who can switch reigns/shoot and 2 outriders on horseback.

My familiarity of chuckwagon races stems from a family history of "modern day" chuckwagon racing but I've heard the stories of how it originated. You'd have your chuckwagon of 4 horses and a driver/passenger, and the outriders would throw the camp supplies in the back (cook stoves and tents) and the whole posse would race to the next campsite. This could be perfect for RDO as a combat enabled point to point race (with checkpoints). 

The first 30 seconds, combat is disabled so you can load the wagon, mount up and do a figure 8 pattern. The outriders should have to stay within a certain distance of the wagon once it crosses the finish line otherwise there's penalties in the form of added time to your finish time. You have a driver and passenger who can switch reigns at any time and shoot (if one driver gets shot, the reigns can auto-switch and an outrider can "jump on" while the original driver respawns on horseback a short distance away) Outriders can also shoot either as offense or defense.

The wagon can receive damage which slows it but can hit pickups to repair. It cannot be destroyed. I'm sure mechanics can be added to incorporate purchased wagons where you can focus on health or speed. A more sturdy wagon is slower but a faster wagon is weaker. One can even decide which horses get hooked to it, where doing your barreling (figure 8 pattern) needs better handling on the "lead team" and the "pole team" needs more stamina/endurance to get you over the finish line.

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