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Howdy howdy howdy!


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Hey there, new kid on the block, here! This is the first time I’ve joined a forum since I was a mod on a Zelda forum way, way back in college. Excited to be here!

a little about me: Michigan born and bred, but currently living and working in LA. I bought my trusty old PS3 just so I could play the first Red Dead Redemption when it was released. And just like RD1, i’ve put an ungodly number of hours into RD2. I grew up loving Westerns and horses, so the Red Dead series has always felt very near and dear to me.

I have a nice number of pals I play Overwatch or Destiny with, but unfortunately none of them are as into Red Dead as I am. I’m pretty shy when it comes to online game interactions, so I figured joining this forum would be a great place to find a posse I could be comfortable and have fun with! (and finally start ranking up faster)


Nice to meet you all! :D

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