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Gun Rush Armor and Explody Arrows


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For the love of god and all that is holy can you please remove the armor and dynamite arrows from Gun Rush, Its far too OP in my opinion, especially when someone has bunkered down in the top of the mansion and your are the only player left.

Also can you put another route into the top of the mansion to make the choke hold on the stairs less of a problem.


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Hi Lex and welcome to the forums.

Please note that RDR2.org is a fansite and not affiliated with R* or 2K.  If you're interested in providing suggestions/critiques directly to R* I would suggest visiting their Feedback website here:


Of course, we would love you to also share your experiences with us, seek help and assist others here as well.  RDR2.org is a great resource and community.  ....but you're going to have to use that website if you want to send feedback or ask for direct assistance from R* as they don't have an official forum.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Kean

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