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I saved 5 outfits on my horse.


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So, if you make 3 outfits, and save them to your horse, then go to "outfits" in your wardrobe and save to horse, you can actually save 5 outfits.

I was able to do it both yesterday and today.

yesterday I was able to tweak the "grizzlies" outfit and make it my cold weather outfit while still retaining the others.

It isnt perfect, but we are getting closer to a time when we can name our custom outfits and save them, so you can have 5 saved outfits.

I like this as I have a posse outfit, my group outfit, my free roam outfit, cold weather outfit and pvp outfit, plus you have your posse outfits that are built in, so essentially 7 outfits.

Anyway below is a pic showing 5 of 5 outfits saved to my horse.



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I wish they'd make Coats removable like Gloves or Hats. Especially if you have a kick-ass outfit that may be too hot/not warm enough for another area and for some unknown/unexpected reason you can't access your horse.

I follow r/reddeadfashion over on Reddit. We should have a fashion thread here too!

Lumper, you always have impressive outfits :)

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  • 4 months later...

I have had 5 outfits saved to my horse from the beginning, but today I saw in that video this person had 7 outifts saved, it said, 7 of 7 outfits saved to your horse, and once it said 5 of 7 etc..

I did the obvious thing and asked him how to do it, but youtube comments leave a lot to be desired and often you never get an answer.

I looked carefully and saw it was the collector saddle, I forget the name, the one with all the accessories so I tried that but it didnt make a difference, also he has the bags with the pockets on the front, also a collector item I believe, maybe trader I forget anyway we got it in the update from the club membership thing, either way nothign worked, I am stuck at 5 outifts saved to my horse, which you woudl think is plenty, and for the most part it is, but I would love to have 2 more.

I keep a winter outfit, then 4 other outfits, I swap them depending on where in the game I am, a couple look cowboy-ish others look more bandito-ish, if that makes any sense, anyway, I would love to add a dress outfit and a camo outfit, like I made a couple all white outfits, a Lone Ranger thing, and one was for cold weather so in the snowy regions I blend right in, especially on a white horse, but I dont carry it as I cant fit it with my other choices and those I do swap between multiple times each session.

So, if you know how to save 7 outifts to your horse please let me know.

If you dont know how to save 5 and want to know, just ask, Ill tell you how I did it, it is simply upgraded saddle bags, then use your wardrobe to save them.



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