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Are Uncle and Red Harlow the same person?


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I was browsing the TV Tropes page for RDR and it was mentioned of a rumor that Uncle is Red Harlow. I'd never heard this, so at first I brushed it off, but then it dawned on me that ... they do kind of look alike.



Same low eyebrows and squinty eyes and the scars across their noses are awfully similar... 🤨

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I did some searching on the Internet, and here’s the info for comparison:

- Red Harlow born circa 1854  and Uncle born sometime before 1849. (Possible match)

- Red Dead Revolver takes place in the 1880s (making Red approx. 25-30 and Uncle probably in his 30s). (Possible match)

- Red Dead Redemption takes place around 1911 (Red/Uncle would be approx. 57 or 62). (Possible match).

- Uncle’s parents died when he was 9. Red’s parents were also killed when he was very young, but age not listed.

Just based on this information, I think it is totally plausible that Red and Uncle might be the same person.



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