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Large Pelt Disappears off Shoulder


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I just had a large pelt disappear off my shoulder just after picking it up.

I submitted a ticket to R* and was told it was an overweight issue.  I was told I could check the weight I had on me by clicking on the satchel.

Anyone have an idea of how to do that?

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K so I noticed something a little different related to this tonight.

I had been making my way east to Thieves Landing to kill Del Lobos in stealth when I was ambushed by four wolves. I skinned them all but left the carcasses. Up ahead a short ways near Bonnie MacFarlane's ranch I noticed a lone blue dot and the edge of my radar lit up red. They triggered a pair of wolves too but the wolves came for me after the blueberry seemed AFK. I killed them both as clean as I could, one was Good, the other was Perfect. I threw one on my horse and shouldered the other and tried to find the player, I suspected they were at Bonnie's by now.

They were nowhere to be found but as soon as I got right next to Bonnie on her porch, I dropped the Perfect wolf I was carrying automatically. I tried to pick it back up again but my character dropped it again. I skinned it but my character dropped the pelt. Couldn't pick it up either. I suspect in this case, its lingering code from the On the Hunt missions where you automatically drop carcasses/pelts upon approaching her.

I tested it further with the wolf on my horse. I rode away a few yards and was able to carry it fine. I skinned it, kept the pelt on my horse and carried the carcass to Bonnie. My character dropped it once I got close.

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I've had something similar happen to me during the free roam bonus EXP week.
Was doing the bear hunting mission for Bonnie in a posse. Tracked and killed the bear, but once I picked up the pelt it just disappeared. Carcass was still there and skinned, but left me with the "pick up the bear pelt" tip and the mission clock still ticking. Needless to say, we weren't able to finish the mission. Never happened before then and hasn't since. It was just a really weird experience and, frankly, frustrating.
My character is also underweight, so... I have no idea how it could trigger.

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R* Support update: R* call ed at my request and we spoke about disappearing large pelt at the animal, and in using fast travel. They are very aware and are working on it.

This call worries me because I was told the Support team does not ever meet with the Dev team, only reports are shared, no face to face, not even video conferencing.

I've gotten a lot of sophomoric and just plain wrong explanations of game issues I experience. R* caller was forthcoming on a lot of issues. These differed from earlier callers explanations.

It seems, if you talk to enough of these support people, you finally meet a few with customer support skills.

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