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Hunting Request Glitch (begging you to help)



Hey y'all!

I've almost finished the game for 100% (it's% 98.5 rn), but I'm facing a real trouble. It's the third request from Mrs Hobbs and the last thing I need to get is a perfect opossum's carcass. Every time I find this little bastard, I get the perfect version of his carcass, all good, 3 stars. But the point is - it doesn't count for my hunting request, like I didn't get the carcass. I've tried to get different opossums from different places but it doesn't work at all. 
I've reinstalled the game but nothing as well.

It's been a few months since I'm trying to get platinum, but seems like it was just a waste of my time if I won't fix my current trouble. So if you have an idea how I can solve this - let me know, I'M BEGGING YOU! 💚

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