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Studying the fish


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Hi guys! Have you ever noticed you can actually study fish? Aside from animals, there's the possibility to study even them. Call me crazy, but I am a perfectionist and I have already studied all of them (even the poisoned ones). Studying a fish is more difficult than studying a normal animal, but after a little time you should be able to do it. A general advise: the bigger the fish, the easier it is studied. However, you can study all the 15 fish by using this tip: every few minutes, a fish remains stuck underwater for 8-10 seconds. It moves like when it swims but it is motionless. That is your (probably only) chance to study it. I recommend aiming at the fish with a weapon to study it (avoid the binoculars): in fact, the "study" icon appears only when you aim AT the fish, NOT near the fish. To speed up the "fish-stuck" process, try to walk into the water near the fish you want to study: it will swim away but soon after it should get stuck. The same method should work with the poisoned fish that you can find at Elisyan Pool, at the little lake in Saint Denis and in the Lannahechee River near Annesburg. During my gameplay, I have found out 6 fish out of 15 that are poisoned: I don't know if there are more

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Yes, they are added in the compendium if caught, but a fish can actually be in the compendium even if you have never caught it: just study it. In the compendium, there will be written “fish X (regardless what fish is) = caught 0, caught with bread/corn/… 0”. Not an important event, just a curiosity

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