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You should be able to complete chapter 2 after "A strange kindness", however, "An Americal Pastoral Scene" appears in Chapter 3 - the mission is, however, mandatory.

There's YouTubes for this mission, but most of them concentrate on acheiving the gold medal.  I'd recommend studying the IGN video that doesn't.


The strategy guide has further hints here:



Note the part that suggests that you gallop closer to make the job easier.  Note that the video doesn't attempt headshots - the person making the video just uses the auto-aim feature to shoot the outriders.  For the stagecoach drivers, you need to auto-aim and nudge the aiming thumbstick up a little to get the headshot you need to take them down.  I'd shoot the outriders with auto-aim and the drivers with deadeye.

For the last part, use the "Cover" button to hide behind a rock and the "Aim" trigger button to pop up and crack off shots as enemies come closer.

If this doesn't help, let us know what part of the mission you're having problems with.

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