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Combat tips and strategies


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Getting better and better by the day with combat whether that be shooting or fist fighting, however, there are times when I am still getting butchered both in PvE and PvP. I was wondering if anyone has any tips, tricks, or strategies that they don't mind sharing so that I can use to improve my combat in both PvE and PvP. Thanks so much!!!

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Eventually if you use the same weapons enough you(r character) will become more familiar with them which helps a TON. I'm currently going back to the starting weapons to familiarize myself with them, such as the Carbine Repeater, the Double Barreled Shotgun and the Cattleman. The Carbine especially is really underrated - it's more powerful than the Lancaster which I was favouring.

Certain ammunition for certain occasions, Try to get used to using Regular ammo as that's the only type you can purchase in PVP lobbies. Normally I use Express but I find Regular to be more accurate... I can't wait until I remember to buy the Split Point pamphlet.

Diving helps (if you remember to use it - I often forget) Same with Dead Eye (I rarely remember this in the heat of a gunfight)

Keep a close eye on your minimap for dots and try to stay low to stay off the enemy radar. Taking cover also removes your dot.

If you have an offhand holster, try to not get too used to dual wielding. Use one gun, then switch when it runs out. This way you're more accurate and can "fan" which significantly boosts your fire rate from the hip.

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