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  1. The hardware I'm talking about is for running the game on the PC version which has nothing to do with stadia? what I was trying to say if people haven't got a PC capable to run it wait & play it with stardia pro! so hardware has a lot to do with it if you want to download the game from R*
  2. I'll be running the game at the medium settings with my Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT NITRO+ 8GB GDDR6 some won't even be able to do that, even the RTX 2080 Ti at over a £1000 wouldn't be enough to run the game at the ultra settings at 4k', hopefully we might be able with stadia.
  3. I've been using it for months now on ps4 it's much better than the ps4 controller plus you can use 4 different profiles for 4 weapons & change them on the fly, I brought it also to use on the PC.
  4. I'm going to try to use the Nacon pro controller & a mouse for aiming & shooting.
  5. I've signed up, can only give it a go sounds OK to me, I have fast internet here in the UK but sounds like a lot of people are going to struggle to reach 35mbps. With Stadia, you can stream up to 4K, 60fps, with 5.1 surround sound, at a minimum internet connection of 35Mbps. On Google's end, it's using the following hardware specifications: Custom x86 processor clocked at 2.7GHz w/ AVX2 SIMD and 9.5MB of L2+L3 cache Custom AMD GPU w/ HBM2 memory, 56 compute units, and 10.7TFLOPs 16GB of RAM (shared between CPU and GPU), up to 484GB/s of bandwidth SSD cloud storage
  6. $4000.00 is ridiculous where on earth did you get that figure? I built my gaming rig myself it's basically plug & play for under £1000, I'm thinking of getting the PC version just got to upgrade my graphics card.
  7. Me & another posse member did a long delivery today & its the first time we've been attacked I looked at his level as my friend was in charge of the wagon 148 nice, I loaded up with explosive he died 7 times all the way to St Dennis when the wagon was delivered he left that's the game it was the best 20 minutes I've had in the game for a long time, play the game Bro & enjoy how it's meant to be played.
  8. well done for winning bro, there is also bandits what I was killing & looting they had a lot of loot on them.
  9. Buy the pamphlet from the fence you can make horse meal that gives your horse gold cores.
  10. I got to level 20 without buying any maps within a week.
  11. Don't buy any horses you cannot use them at the moment anyway you get a hose for free, it maybe that you don't have a spare stable & that's why the wagon's not showing up?
  12. I was having trouble with camps but seems to be fixed now.
  13. Can't remember what level I've finished all 3. Mine came straight away, have you tried changing camps? if it dont show up put a ticket into Rock*
  14. yeah been saving it robbing the cabins everyday😂
  15. Yeah riding through the Angles camp is like riding through Beverly hills & we've all been shopping on Rodeo drive😂
  16. If it's the cave with the statues then yes it was a single player gold map location you had to move the statues to get 3 gold bars.
  17. Its bugged been playing since the start & it still says zero hours, as for the Carcano rifle mine took about a week to come through, just keep looking in the book until the cost is 0 you should also get the outfit, it might end Tue though as we get the new stuff?
  18. Lot of grinding & no glitches also got $53,000, looks like R* are changing the way the new update is going to work probably because all the gold map glitching & cougar glitching, I've got everything so got nothing to spend it on at the moment.
  19. As buckie said try joining a posse, just be careful what posse you join?
  20. Just hope we don't get idiots coming to dynamite the dogs.
  21. Getting two cards free so will have spend 15 gold out of my 600 gold bars for the trader card😂, going for the trader first, think the bounty hunter outfit will suit your caricature buckie looks awesome, Arthurs Angles rock.
  22. You looking for a rich cowboy to settle down with in Tall Trees 😜
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