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Closest thing to a "True Honorable Posse" moment I've dealt with


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I was shocked about this. If anything I was doing the dishonorable act by accepting the Player Assassination mission from The Kid. The player wasn't the posse leader, but it one of the posse of 4.  Long story short, I beat the mission, got the player the mission set up towards.  The leader killed me back, then I said on the mic that it was for a mission and just hoping for a "kill for kill" kind of moment.  Knowing a typical posse, you would think they would just keep shooting at you.  They didn't fire a single shot when I high tailed it from them.  I even used my rear-view and saw them going their own way.


Kudos to whatever posse that was.

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my crew and i are the same, we just do the mission and will leave you alone unless of course you start trying to kill us after we've completed the mission.

Of course exceptions are if you made us run across the map then 1 kill that would have been over with will turn into many or if you used dynamite arrows/tnt to kill people (we dont run we hold our ground in a defensible position/location.)

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