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  1. https://discord.gg/tUYR2t Check it out
  2. Not a PC player im on Xbox, but welcome to the world of red dead where you get to see exactly how shitty Rockstar and its team truly is when it comes to being developers. They dont know wtf they're doing and they are horrible with communicating with the community and actually hashing out meaningful content. not sure if you are subject to these "weekly updates" of redundant bounty hunter missions, but yeah the beta was basically a demo and probably 10x worse than release date, but nonetheless red dead online is still pretty damn boring and works against people actually trying to make Gangs/crews and RPs immersive as they'd like. you'll meet people who hate the game but are still hanging on in hopes that they will step up, people who dont really care as they just casually play the game and then you'll have the brown noser who are so far up rockstars ass they cant see anything anyways welcome to red dead where issues will never get fixed (unless its an exploit that benefits players) until their "big" update 7 months from the last "big" update and during which they will have little to no communication with the fan base. Nor will you ever know which feedback they have taken into consideration.
  3. it's definitely fun having to defend it, we have a strategy in place for when we do our trader wagon routes (we only do long distance ones). It's a shame though that the wagons popping up on the map is bugged af. One day one of our members saw the wagon on the map but the others couldn't see it what so ever, so who knows how many missed opportunities we've had. That being said whenever i've actually seen the red dot its either a lone trader (not gonna be fair killing solo player so we leave it alone), or they're already at the end of the route. People seem to also be doing strictly local deliveries like some wusses. Those two combined are ruining the opportunity to have some engaging and meaningful pvp. All these people saying "i hate PvP", "i dont want anyone attacking me" etc.. should embrace the thrill that comes with defending your wagon, also you should either join a crew or recruit a bunch of casuals that are willing to help you. What do you honestly expect if your'e alone with a wagon in a world where animal spawns are ****ed up. I never do a wagon run unless i have about 5 people heavily defending the supplies.
  4. yeah like I've told others, its not based on players, its based on camps and how many people are camped in that area. People are using their camps more than they ever have in the past because now they have purpose, so when people want "better" hunting areas they put their camp in key locations along with 20 other camps eventually thinning out the animal spawns because they can't spawn period. Also i believe the game places you in lobbies near other/the majority of players so when you first try to put your camp down it either doesn't let you or there are 10 other camps in that general area. Before no one cared about their camps, so they would just leave it wherever even in the middle of the dessert, or up in the hills because they were irrelevant.
  5. just sneak past the majority of his sentries, they seem to slowly attack the middle (target area) or avoid it entirely enough to kill everyone and capture him alive.
  6. if they were by the NPC or location they turned the stolen goods too, it creates a safe zone.
  7. i don't know where else i've said this but, i think the reason why animals aren't spawning is because animal spawns are ****ed due to how many people are using their camps in that area. The camps essentially block the areas animals spawn therefore little to no animals what so ever. Thats my theory at least
  8. yeah i never do a wagon run 100/100 unless i have at least 5 members of my crew (randoms don't benefit from my wagon, but i would be down to help due to compensation and no risk to me what so ever just saying). because as stated thats the risk you run of doing a long run. i do like maybe implementing something that shows if players are attacking someones wagon so we can either help or just avoid the area entirely depending on your moral status and beliefs. I find it funny that you think them going in defensive mode means you cant kill them. Rockstar really dropped the ball with the Auto Aim BS. USE YOUR SKILL to aim at them manually and kill them. I wish more people had the balls to do long run wagon trades, because at times when i see no animals its easier to just rob someone of their materials, we of course dont bother people doing it with 1 or 2 people. we want atleast a fair fight. Unfortunately everyone is hiding in local deliveries. missing out on the thrill and risk of it all.
  9. didnt let me upload it, i then converted it into a GIF. and its apparently failing to upload. so meh
  10. Yeah I thought they were small as well since my friend who had one before me said his always shrinks (never saw it happen). I assumed either her was tripping or it's because he had the level 5 one. Then I saw a player ride up to me with one and it looked like a beast. I convinced myself that the level 20 one would be a normal sized. Long story short I bought it and it was as I expected a big normal sized horse.. and BAM saw it shrink to that donkey/pony size you mentioned. Lol wish I could upload the video here.
  11. i agree it did feel like a grind, but idk if you're like me and found bounties to be exactly the same as stranger mission (boring and played out/repetitive af). they should have made bounties more immersive and open to decision making ex: let the bounty go for money, help them kill a sheriff, be able to publicly hang them or something along the lines).
  12. Now the Breton is definitely a majestic behemoth imo. Meet: Omen aka Horse of Death or Sin (whichever is more badass). A SteelGrey Breton. I even sized it up to be close to the Turkoman (slightly smaller). When I first mounted it, it looked huge. Then it happened right before my eyes my horse shrunk to the point of looking half of it's original size. It looked like a Pony with a back disformity instead of a Horse lmao. Wish I took a pic of it since I can't post the clip I have of it shrinking in front of my face. Does anyone know why this happens or have had it happen to them?
  13. would bee cool, too bad the snow looks like a bunch of pigeons took a shot on you.
  14. free aim would resolve 90-95% of greifing. it would allow for immersive encounters with players, it would allow crews to engage in RP with other crews. PvP would require skill and it would separate the casuals from the "hardcore" players (this is what they called people on RDR1 casual lobbies vs Hardcore lobbies). Free Aim is needed.
  15. to be honest to add a different opinion/information the Hunting wagon isn't worth it at all considering most times animals aren't spawning (due to nerf?) much, and when they do they're running all over the place including through trees, hills and all that. Also unless you're hunting every single animal you see regardless of quality then you're better off hunting for two carcasses (perfect one on horse the other dragged by lasso) and skinning everything else. The hunting wagon can only have stuff placed in it by you only, not friends or posse members. one pro is that it does allow you to go far from camp for a bigger load if you cant find animals near camp also if destroyed or you have to get off you can keep them stored in the wagon forever/long time? (havent tested it out yet), but make sure to have the right guns as you cant have your horse and wagon out at the same time and your weapons arent transferred over to your wagon so you cant switch if needed.
  16. yeah unfortunately they just dripfeed their content but don't actually do anything regarding an actual update. seems we may have to wait 10 weeks for them to fix some of these bugs. they need to actually do bug fixes each week, add content that isn't dripfed to us, and then bring out a "BIG" update every 3-4 months for this game to remain fresh periodically otherwise we will fall to same crap of being bored and having to wait forever.
  17. Hmmm that could be a reason that it's happening. Here's another possibility, people; Griefers more specifically were getting bored of RDR (mainly GTA fanboys/girls), so they started leaving Red dead in the dust, up until the update came out and they came back crawling. So now you have the griefers back and just doing what they do best which is killing players for no reason but the Lolz. I assume this because before the update it was chill, first day of it I couldn't go anywhere without getting into a fight that other players started
  18. I've had it happen before, it was a pretty weak attempt on their part lol considering they just ran straight to me to die.
  19. yeah although the update brought new life to the game, it definitely wasn't a clean one. Herbs bugged by horses, DLC clothing not allowing you to change outfits, DLC items on horses make them turn into statues where they wont move at all until you flee them and call for another, wagons for runs spawning underneath the map, tons of crashes and disconnects. and many more lol
  20. what? lol i'm all for adding stealth and blips not appearing for certain actions (crouch, walk, standing still etc..) but meh.
  21. you can add me sure, but just a heads up im part of a crew so more than likely i'll always be playing with them. we can continue the conversation in DM's if you wish so we dont spam/takeover this thread.
  22. Yeah forgot to add that part. Maybe with standard wagon it only lets you do 25/100 regardless. I don't own any upgraded wagons so couldn't test it. So essentially I would still have 75/100 goods to deliver at camp. Thanks for clearing it up I appreciate it
  23. Update: 1. You have to continue production, as long as you supply materials you have to either purchase or do the supplies liaisons to continue the bar. 2. It doesn't matter at all if you do 25/100, 53/100 97/100 or 100/100 the payout and Exp is exactly the same so don't waste your time (possible bug, or not working properly) Thanks to the previous poster for your input
  24. Hello all, So I've recently watched a YouTube video of someone doing a trade route both local and long distance routes (link below). I was wondering a few things if anyone knows I'd appreciate the help. 1. How do you get 100/100 goods my crew and I only get 25/100 (maybe we need to get more supplies?) 2. In the video the guy seems to get 100/100 and local price is 62.50, yet when he has 50/100 or 25/100 it's still 62.50 and I imagine long distance is 78. So is there any reason at all to even wait until 100/100? Which is roughly 3 hours 20 mins (50 minutes for 25/100). 3. Would you all agree that they should make a persistent posse permanent with ranks so people can use the main camp at all times and would make the trader camp system more viable for crews, Especially if they add in a donation box system like in single player to help the camp purchase wagons and stuff? Thanks long questions but definitely appreciate the help/input
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