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Any of you guys and gals like to to do random activities that aren’t “official” modes in the game? My posse and I sometimes like to get as many strangers as possible, go down to Armadillo and do a bunch of duels (like here in the picture). There’s no reward, just having fun. Some time in the near future I’d love to get a bunch of people to play hide and go seek in the alligator infested swamps at night. The catch is that everyone has to be in first person with their radars turned off. Only the person who’s It can use their cattleman revolver. 

Mind the reptiles 😈


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We are working on what we call the ( the Gauntlet ) . each high ranking member will be an obstacle you must pass to gain access to the next. Start with a level 100 , you must face him in mele combat only , working your way up to 280 ! The sniper rifle challenge. Yes you must make your own fun in this massive open world and see all of it. Corner to corner it's a beautiful map with a spot for each occasion. Great fun my friend !

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