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[Possible Spoilers] Collector role, "sacred collection" has anyone found these?


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SO, if you look in your collectors satchel in the weapon wheel you can open it, in it are the various collections you can acquire and complete.

The very first one in mine is "Sacred collection" and it is a timed challenge, when I got it it said 4 days, now I have 2 day and some hours left to complete it.

There is a clock on the lower right in red essentially.

It only has 3 items in it, an eagles egg a special arrow head and a brush.

I figured out you have to buy the maps, go find everything, then go back and get more maps and repeat until you finish collecting a set of something.

You dont have to, you can just go sell her whatever you find, and she actually pays well, but she pays a lot better if you complete the set then sell them.

 I want to know if anyone else saw and or, is working on the "Sacred" items and if they have located either the eagle eggs, the brush or the arrow head??

I love this part of it, and the fact that you only find part of a collection per map and need more maps and can find duplicates of things, is kind of like the cigarette cards from story mode.




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Used the spoiler tag just in case some want to discover these things themselves in the game.
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  • Kean_1 changed the title to [Possible Spoilers] Collector role, "sacred collection" has anyone found these?

I'm not doing collector role though I have licence, I am concentrating on bounties and trading while looting bodies during bounty hunting you get some collectibles as for the sacred collection I found one maybe two will check later but I remember one sacred collectible that I found during bounty hunting , it was near the fugitive almost as on purpose I don't know if I would be able to find have not been on the bounty mission it said weekly sacred item 

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