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Could this be a starting point for Undead nightmare DLC within rdr2?


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So, just outside of Armadillo I stumbled upon this tent that was lit up.

I stopped and noticed the green mask from the general store and the pawn shop and of course from RDR 1.

I never see anyone there, there is no icon for it and it hasnt been part of any missions yet that I have seen, so I dont know if it is just an easter egg or if it is a hint that it is coming.

I made a quick video, you will have to pause the video to actually get a good look, I didnt realize how fast and shaky I was with the camera.

Check it out, what do you think this is or means?

At the beginning I stopped and took a look at the mask then I panned around to get everything else in there to see what the details were.

I thought maybe this would be where you go in the game to start some Undead nightmare play, maybe not, but I didnt know what else to make of it.



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Im kind of surprised that nobody has commented on this.

I never played undead nightmare or finished rdr but this looks like something to me.

It serves no purpose other than to show you the mask, I wonder what it will be for.

I kind of thought others would have seen this by now, but I havent sen any videos on it or anything.

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