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  1. Is it just me or does my bandana get equipped every time I travel... or randomly?
  2. Fort Knox is being built north of Armadillo and east of Twin Rocks Just something GTA wise
  3. @NF85, @SimonTemplar Fair enough... you both have very valid points but it was enough to keep me playing I've always felt this game could be something just MORE and AMAZING... so many ups and downs... guess we're back to the lows
  4. Haven't been on since the update dropped. Did these money grubbing ****** seriously cut the daily challenges payout by 50% AND streaks now reset after 28 days???? WTF ROCKSTAR!!!! I don't understand why they feel it is necessary to continuously kick us in the nuts like this, yet constantly reward GTAO with new and amazing updates. It's like they brought out RDR2O to push players to GTAO.
  5. WOW... the non response speaks VOLUMES! Ya blew it rockstar... you effing blew it
  6. broken since the december moonshiners update
  7. back to bashing attempt 2: infinite loading screen on startup... restarted and no camp... 10 attempts of spawning one later, no dice so yeah... looks like it's kinda hit or miss
  8. Activation code? It's been over a year but I do not recall one? You just right tab over from the story mode loadup screen
  9. as a constant basher of rockstar when things are bad, I must say: Logged in today for the 1st time in 2 weeks 1st thing, check player count which was 24... Ok, this should be a true test of the updates check the map, game spawned my favorite camp location in Copperhead Landing... point rockstar travelled down the coastline... bullfrogs and rabbits... extra points because I haven't seen rabbits in the swamp in months and the true test was arriving to my favorite alligator spawn point and there were ALLIGATORS plus Cranes and Herons!!! not as plentiful as before but certainly looking promising!
  10. You can do that on PC as well using task manager. I’m currently doing the Diamond Casino Heist on Xbox One. Might do it on PC as well. Xbox One: Settings -> Network Settings -> Check NAT Type -> Wait for 5-10 seconds for the Xbox Popup I call it flushing the toilet
  11. Well worth it as it pays you back the amount of gold that it costs... Just make sure you're playing enough to make it worth your while as I believe it expires sometime next month It's only 1000 XP per level... running trader and collector makes leveling up super easy
  12. Would prefer if it was a message stating "We're taking the game offline for a week, to fix all of the known bugs that have been present since beta and from when we launched the Moonshiners update 2 months ago" Being a Day 1er, I already have everything they're offering and I don't play the game to dress up like Ken and Barbie. Haven't played in 2 weeks and will not again until they FIX THE DAMN GAME. Angry rant complete
  13. PC? If so, I've seen video of a money stealing mod... possibly an ammo stealing one?
  14. Honestly, Rockstar patting themselves on the back and the slap in the face in the disparity of Thank You rewards was the last straw Day 1 beta player here... haven't played since Tuesday... can't even bother with logging in to do a daily,,, the thought is starting to make me feel nauseous because of what they have done... and have not even attempted to fix when I start to see some positive vibes return to the boards then I may consider a return... but kinda hooked on GTA 5 again because of the cash influx
  15. Thank you GTA Online... Bye Bye for now RDR2
  16. I have literally seen alligators disappear from right in front of me once the player count hit 16
  17. It seems to me there is a very simple fix... limit the servers to 15 players or less
  18. I was not referring to how OP it used to be... I was referring to when we used to have animals in the game to hunt I guess PETA made a complaint, rockstar caved, and all animals had to be removed from the game.
  19. Remember when you had to check your Varmint Rifle to see how many bullets were left? I miss those days
  20. If you have the Outlaw Pass 2, you can also unlock "Honor" vouchers and there is also the guy on the map you can pay 3 gold bars IIRC Way back when, I would go to Van Horn, setup in cover by the Fence at the end of the pier and just shoot anything that moves... the law comes in waves. so you can loot the bodies in between waves... just make sure not to shoot witnesses Been awhile since I've done it so I don't how bounty may factor in now
  21. unfortunately not... we all wish there were currently... the newest update constantly repopulates the servers
  22. The only other thing I can think of is some missions require you to be dishonorable to unlock or replay
  23. can just imagine your reaction too... what in the f? you stupid, stupid dog... lol
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