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Ingredients satchel pamphlet?? ---- RESOLVED


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I got this when I reached level 5 trader.  It is supposed to allow you to carry more ingredients.  Does anybody know how to actually use it?  It gives three steps with picture graphics.

Seems to be:

1. Open satchel

2. Put in a mushroom

3. Close satchel


So is all I have to do is pick a mushroom?   Haven't tried it yet.  I tried googling but found nothing on how to use this.



EDIT:  Nevermind.  It automatically takes effect.  I have 15 oregano now.  Not sure what the limit is but will know soon.  I am assuming 15 or 20.

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So, like any pamphlet, just open it, click x on xbox or the equivalent on ps4 to "read" it and thats it, you now automatically can do whatever the pamphlet was for.

In this case you will be able to hold 20 of items instead of ten.

This is the case with the other similar pamphlets for satchel upgrades as well.

I had asked R* about this months ago about the idea of offering a tier 1 tier 2 and tier 3 satchel and bandoleer so we can carry 10, 20 or 30 items in the appropriate satchel/bandoleer, when I saw these pamphlets I thought, hmm ok, well this is a start and better than carrying 10 so Ill take it.

I keep for example 10 big game meat and 10 animal fat and 10 feathers in stock always, plus 10 of each plain big game, 10 oregano, and 10 mint big game then all exploding ammo full and same with feathers for Dyna arrows, so I stock up, then keep 10 of each on hand for when I use them, I can quickly re-craft more, But now with 20 I was able to re stock everything I mentioned with twice as many as previously, I really like this change.


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