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  1. So I like how you can start at camp from the main menu. And you can fast travel to your moonshine cabin from camp. But why is there no fast travel post at the cabin?
  2. Yeah, Big Valley and Tall Trees are great for cougars. Can't get cougars in Heartlands. Or bears. I had a spot in Big Valley once that was great. Right by the river, good fishing. Too bad Cripps can't use fish. I don't like Tumbleweed or anywhere in New Austin because it is so isolated and in the desert.
  3. I like Heartlands the best. Central location and lots of great hunting nearby. I think Bayou Nwa is my second favorite, and then Scarlett Meadows. Set up my moonshine shack in Heartlands too.
  4. Really like the Camp option in the startup menu. And the camp problems seem to have been resolved so far. Enjoying the Moonshiner role so far. Only done first two missions. I got the second Outlaw Pass. The passes are well worth the expense, imo. And also haven't been kicked yet with that message about the servers. That used to piss me off so much.
  5. Otherwise it just follows you around after you load a carcass..... No way to just make it stay. You have to tell it to flee..... WTF?
  6. On PS4, you have to make your horse flee and then summon it again.....
  7. I've done that. But why can't you L2 and have a choice that says "Stay"?
  8. I could be wrong, but I believe there is not a choice in the PS4 menu that is "STAY"
  9. To just make the horse stay in place? You call it to you and load a carcass, and it continues to follow you..... There should be a choice to make it just stay there until you come back to it.
  10. They used to be everywhere in the swamp. Now I can't find one. WTF?
  11. SO ridiculous that this issue has not been fixed yet. It has been around forever, people have been complaining about it forever, and it really is a critical function of the game. I just tried to pitch camp unsuccessfully about twenty-five times. This game has made Rockstar a mountain of money. No excuse for this.
  12. Yeah, I looted them both. Nothing worthy to be found. Surely there is more to this....
  13. I've run into this before too. I shot the guy who shot the other guy, and got a murder charge. I thought if you avenged a murder it would be ok, but I guess not.
  14. If I do run into any of these map people, I will shoot them for sure lol.
  15. I have a red chestnut Arabian that is kickass. I love the speed. Endurance really isn't all that necessary. I like to be able to ride fast. And if you feed it a good horse meal and some hay along the way it will ride all day long.
  16. So I decided to buy the metal detector. Great investment, imo. I have found so many things with it. These items don't have an obvious spot on the ground like those you can spot with Eagle Eye or even just looking around and noticing a little mound. Will complete some sets surely with this.
  17. Never had the random map offer. But my honor is usually all the way good, and I have no problem just randomly murdering someone, or even fifteen or so lawmen at one time. I tried a few times just murdering random wagon drivers I passed on the road but the lockboxes on the wagons were always empty.
  18. I'm assuming it was destroyed when they dynamited the wagon. Haven't checked yet but I will next time I play.
  19. I wish it would let you call your horse to follow you when you are using the wagon. Wow. I just had two a-holes that were possed up shoot me while I was away from my wagon and then they dynamited my wagon. It was insured, so I guess it will just be available in the stable on my next visit? Lost everything I had in it.
  20. I discarded a poor deer carcass to make room for a good gila monster carcass. I figured it would put the deer carcass outside the wagon so I could skin it, but is just disappeared.
  21. I just bought the hunting wagon. Seems to be overrated. I have one deer, one pronghorn, one duck, four ravens, and one loon carcass on it and it is telling me it is full. I'm assuming it will hold a bunch of pelts, but not sure how many. I have never been told that my horse alone could not fit another pelt, so not sure of the horse's capacity for pelts.
  22. Yeah, I've had this happen a few times too. Also, if you see a flashing white spot on the map and it turns into a white paw for a wounded animal, go to it. I have found an arrowhead in the wounded animal every time this has happened.
  23. I find now it takes at least four or five tries until camp is pitched.
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